Camosun College to launch a generative AI task force

The following message is from John Boraas, Provost and Vice-President, Education and Innovation:

Over the last year, generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools like ChatGPT, CoPilot and DALL-E have opened new ways of working and learning, for creating content and code, and for communicating and researching. In time, these tools have the potential for transforming how we work and learn, requiring the college community to adapt to these new realities.

Post-secondary institutions are exploring how to best adapt to the presence of AI, with consideration given to how generative AI can be used in teaching and learning, and in administrative tasks and service delivery.

Instructors face challenges due to the rapid rise of generative AI tools, particularly in upholding academic integrity. College leadership recognizes CETL’s leadership in developing resources to support instructors in learning more about the use of AI in teaching and learning. If you would like to learn more about AI and teaching learning, CETL’s online guide is a great place to start.

Students also need guidance in how to appropriately use AI. In the fall, students will receive an email outlining their responsibility to maintain academic integrity and to follow their instructors' directions when using AI tools for coursework. The email will also highlight academic supports, including the library, writing centre, and help centres.

It is clear that as an institution we need to do more. A generative AI task force will begin work in the fall. The task force will include administrators, faculty and staff and will consult broadly to:

  • Identify training and development needs for staff and faculty
  • Review existing policies for possible updating in response to the growth of AI
  • Create guidelines for the ethical and responsible use of AI by employees and students
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities AI tools present

AI tools are being used by some college employees. Employees using AI must adhere to college policies, including Protection of Privacy, Copyright, and Acceptable Computer Use. Employees are also expected to discuss their use of with their Workplace Leader. Transparency and accountability are essential when using these powerful and rapidly evolving tools.


Please email if you have any questions.

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Rodney Porter

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