A sleep pod branded Camosun College located in the Wilna Thomas building

Camosun College to introduce mandatory student nap time

Having listened to numerous bleary-eyed, yawning students who studied late into the night, Camosun College will be rolling out a new support service in the form of a mandatory nap time.

A sleep pod branded Camosun College is located in the Alex & Jo Campbell Centre for Health and wellness.

Camosun College

Sleep pods located around both campuses at Camosun College will support mandatory nap times for all students.

Student nap time at Camosun will take place on both campuses Monday through Friday between 1pm and 2pm.

“We know students often feel tired and their energy levels start waning especially after a delicious lunch from the Camosun Cuisine Machine,” explains Lane Trotter, college president, a self-proclaimed napper. “A mandatory nap in the early afternoon should work wonders and give students some extra pep to their step.”

Conflicting activities, labs and classes are cancelled effective today.

“Naps can be critical for students to succeed in their studies,” adds Jessie Niikoi, external executive, Camosun College Student Society. “I plan to be one of the first students to try out the sleep pods. Congratulations to Camosun on introducing the new mandatory nap time as a student support.”

To support mandatory nap time, Camosun Innovates, the applied research arm of the college, researched, designed, manufactured and installed sleep pods on each campus. Sleep pods can be booked for a one-hour mandatory nap time by signing into myCamosun.


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