Solar panel reflecting blue sky and clouds

Array of Hope

Celebrate solar-powered learning at the library

Thanks to a significant grant from EBSCO Information Services, and additional funding from the college, more than half (50%) of the electricity used at the Lansdowne Library will soon be supplied directly by the sun! Camosun’s Alan Batey Library and Learning Commons was thrilled to be selected to be the second Canadian library to receive this award in June 2022.
The Array of Hope project will consist of nearly 90 photovoltaic (PV) panels mounted on the lower southwest roof and walls of the Lansdowne Library that will be visible from ground level. This “living lab” will be accessible for tours and accompanied by mock PV panels and data displays to provide hands-on, applied learning. Expected to produce 46 MWh/year, the project is a tangible symbol of the college's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings.

The grant proposal received strong support from faculty and students, with a motion being passed by the Camosun College Student Society recognizing how the project would “positively impact students by helping to reduce climate anxiety and provides an invaluable opportunity for all students to learn firsthand about solar energy".

After some delays with the initial timelines, the Facilities team has recently contracted with Hakai Energy Solutions and work on the physical installation should begin in early 2024. In the meantime, Librarians have been purchasing print and digital resources for both libraries on various aspects of solar and renewable energy, ranging from general interest and small-scale projects to more technical manuals. 
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