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2012 Distinguished Alumni Cheri Wu

Camosun College is proud to announce its annual distinguished Alumni Award.

Cheri Wu

Cheri Wu

Owner, Focus on Dental Hygiene

Cheri Wu is a dental hygienist and founder of her own state-of-the-art private dental hygiene practice in Victoria, BC called Focus on Dental Hygiene. As a single parent, she entered the college initially taking upgrading courses and eventually enrolling in the two-year Dental Hygiene program. After graduating in 1992, she transferred to UBC where she completed her Bachelor of Dental Science (DH) degree. There Wu earned several honours including a gold medal for academic achievement, a third-year academic scholarship for her exceptional academic standing, and a certificate of recognition from the Academy of Dentistry for Persons with Disabilities. After UBC she became a dental hygienist for Vancouver Island's Cool Aid Community Dental Clinic which serves persons with mental health and addictions challenges. She began focusing her dental skills on patients with special considerations including those with anxiety, patients with mental and/or physical disabilities and persons with HIV/AIDS.

Wu credits her success to Camosun College and to the first dentist she worked with, Dr. Bill Hunter. "I credit Camosun College for all that I have accomplished throughout the years, and to Dr. Hunter for his mentorship, support and humanity that enriched my education and confidence," says Wu. "At Camosun, I was treated as an adult and with professionalism, and I worked part-time establishing the college's student society which really made me feel part of the college. The course load was heavy, but not only did I receive an excellent education, but I also learned to believe in my capabilities. Once you graduate from the Dental Hygiene program, you have excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to "look outside the box." The program gave me the courage to say "WHY NOT?" instead of "WHY?" and that has led me on different paths in my career. I love working with my hands as well as my mind. I get great satisfaction from empowering people to be responsible for their oral health and seeing how it contributes to their overall health. Like they say, "a smile is worth a thousand words."

Cheri has been described as having "a generous spirit and a compassionate, gentle approach to her clinical care. Not only has she spent her career helping patients in need, she mentors young students and lectures part-time to students and other dental hygiene schools and organizations. She is an expert on clients with special needs and on ultrasonic and air polishing implementation and continues to be an amazing role model to all in the dental hygiene profession.

Wu says, "I am very proud of Camosun graduates and am thrilled to be considered for the Camosun College Distinguished Alumni Award."


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