Karynn Alida Scott

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TDSP Coordinator

Karynn Scott



Technologies Building


School of Trades and Technology

Karynn attended Women in Trades Training in 2013 and immediately went into the welding program straight after, and has since completed all her schooling at Camosun. Camosun was already like home and she is very proud to now call Camosun her place of work, for something she is extremely passionate about- getting more women into the trades. 

After 8 years in the field, working in shipyards, gold mines, dams and many different fabrication shops, Karynn is extremely excited for a new challenge. Always excited to learn more and share her experiences to help others grow, constant growth for herself and others in the trades is what she stands for at her roots. She would love to see more women in the trades and is thrilled to be a part of breaking down barriers for other women to get to the ultimate goal she worked so hard to fufill herself- her red seal. 

Karynn is a part of Boilermakers 191 and has worked with Ironworkers Local 97. She has her CWBs for Stick and Wire Welding, as well as pressure pipe tickets for carbon and stainless steal. 

Karynn enjoys yoga and long hikes by the ocean or in the forest, crafting, drinking coffee and hanging out with her cat, boyfriend & step son