Professional Cook Training Online E-pprentice Program

Online delivery of the Technical Training of PRCO-401, PRCO-402, or PRCO-403 courses. 

For Professional Cook 1; Professional Cook 2; and Professional Cook 3

Apprenticeship programs have two distinct components:

  1. Technical Training: obtained from an accredited training provider or ‘institution’
  2. Practical Training: carried out at a place of employment under the watchful eye of a trained industry professional

The E-pprenticeCook program provides the option for online delivery of the Technical Training of PRCO-401, PRCO-402, or PRCO-403 over approximately six months (compared to six weeks of Technical Training in the traditional apprenticeship program). This allows apprentices elasticity in their study schedules, along with more time to understand and apply the information “in bite-sized pieces” versus being expected to assimilate large volumes of information within the much shorter traditional six-week training period.

A professional industry sponsor is required for all E-pprenticeapprentices and they must be actively working during the course of the program. The industry sponsor relationship between apprentice and employer is the same as a traditional apprenticeship. Over the six-month training period, apprentices will cover the same SkilledTradesBC curriculum, and ultimately, will be assessed in precisely the same manner as all other Professional Cook apprentices in British Columbia.

Advantages of online training

The E-pprentice Cook program offers unprecedented flexibility while maintaining structure, which includes mandatory completion dates with expected minimum performance standards supported by the participation of the employer.

Online learning requires a considerable amount of self-direction, discipline, and employer engagement; therefore, the E-pprentice Cook program is a viable alternative to traditional apprenticeship models, and not intended as a replacement. However, its flexibility, industry participation, and ease of access for apprentices in various economical, geographical or employment situations make this program extremely relevant and sustainable.

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