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We're a team of professionally trained counsellors with backgrounds in counselling psychology, education, health, and child and youth care.


Liisa Robinson Department Chair, Couselling


I have been a visitor on Lkwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories since the early 90’s when I moved from Alberta to study near the ocean. I have a Master of Education Degree in Counselling Psychology and a bachelor's degree in Psychology, both from the University of Victoria. I am registered in the province of BC as a Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.

Much of my work has been with adults, both at UVic (for 12 years in Residence Life and Counselling Services) and at the Citizens' Counselling Centre. I have been involved in the Victoria community for many years, working at a variety of community agencies. One of the most meaningful connections was with the BC Eating Disorders association. In 2010, I joined the team of student counsellors Camosun.

I see the relationship between counsellor and client as an important part of the work we do together. I aspire to create a space for our work where honesty, authenticity, and humour are welcome. The approaches that I use recognize that people are highly interconnected beings, both internally (body, mind, emotions and spirit) and externally (to our families, history, culture, and systems). I find I most often employ the work of mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, yoga therapy, and acceptance commitment therapy; however, every client's needs are unique. Particular interests of mine are relationships, diversity, identity, families, eating disorders/body image and substance use/abuse. I work to see the world through a social justice lens and I hope that carries over to my counselling work.

My belief that our mental health is deeply connected to our physical, spiritual and relational health carries over into my own life. When I’m not in the office you can find me practicing yoga, running, cycling, and spending time with my friends and family. I love the balance of big energy outputs and sweaty pursuits next to deep quiet times in the woods and at the beach. I love experimenting with how nutrition supports mental health and I believe in good sleep and restoration.
Marie Abbott

Marie Abbott International Student Counsellor


I am an International Student Counsellor with Camosun College International. It is an honour to work with students from around the world in your pursuit of academic success and personal wellness. As a counsellor, I am dedicated to providing a confidential and supportive place where you can discuss academic, career, personal and/or cultural concerns as you navigate your experience as an international student.

I completed my Masters in Counselling at the University of Victoria. Before that, I studied psychology at the University of Ottawa and art history at the University of British Columbia. As a teenager, I attended Pearson College, an international school outside Victoria, where I lived and studied with 200 students from 100 different countries for two years. This experience, along with travelling, volunteering and working in countries in Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia and East Africa, has opened my eyes to the world. I am grateful to have lived in Victoria, on the traditional territories of the Lkwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples, since 2015.

I believe that the foundation of a meaningful counselling experience is a safe, non-judgmental and collaborative relationship where you can share your concerns and explore your hopes for the future. My approach to counselling is integrative and holistic as I draw on different theoretical models and recognize the interconnections between mental, emotional and physical health. I adopt a client-centered, strength-based and solution-focused perspective in my work with students. I am committed to meeting you from a place of respect and compassion and supporting you to explore and build on your strengths and inner resources. Change is a process that is unique for each individual and I look forward to working together to identify goals that are meaningful for you.

Sylvie Cottell portrait

Sylvie Cottell Counsellor



I was born on Musqueam territory and have been blessed to be a visitor on Lkwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories since 2000. I am part of an extended family with Indigenous and Euro-Settler roots. My role at Camosun College is to support students to be successful in their studies by providing short term, confidential counselling support.

I approach my work from a place of deep compassion that comes from my own experience of being on this human journey. I strive to create a healing conversation that honours the fullness of who you are and I believe you carry the resources within yourself to attain the changes you desire. I also understand how central your worldview is to living a rich and meaningful life.

It is my passion to help others to live more congruently with their core values, despite the challenges that arise in day to day living. With your unique lived experience in mind, I draw on knowledge I have gained through training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Somatic Transformation and Art Therapy.

In addition to my work at Camosun, I have an art practice that integrates photography, painting, and drawing.


Brian Herron International Student Counsellor


It is an honour to work with international students and everyone within the community of Camosun College! I am extremely grateful to have worked for 20 years as a teacher and counsellor at the secondary public school and College levels in B.C. with students from a wide variety of backgrounds prior to working at Camosun College. Working with adolescent and adult students experiencing cultural transition has been a major emphasis throughout my career.

My training includes a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Education degree (Secondary) from the University of British Columbia. In addition, I completed a certificate in Conflict Resolution, Mediation & Negotiation from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

My counselling approaches and work as an educator are based on person-centred and holistic models, as well as cognitive-behavioural therapy and attachment theory.

I also highly value and utilize the respectful, active and experiential approaches of current Morita Therapy practice and applications for counselling. Morita Therapy is a trans-cultural approach, which I find invaluable as a counsellor for international students. Furthermore, I believe that sensitivity to an individual's culture, background, experiences, safety, dignity and values are essential for the counselling experience and relationship.  When appropriate I am open to working with post-secondary students that prefer a more practical guidance and leadership approach of meeting their needs as a student.

Working with students to discover more about themselves personally and for career and future education planning are complex areas that I find very exciting and meaningful as a counsellor at the post-secondary level. In addition, I feel privileged to be involved at Camosun College in coordinating and facilitating student-centred group opportunities for peer mentoring, peer helping and leadership in a program that students named Peer Connections.

My personal interests include activities such as cycling, hiking, kayaking and generally being active in the outdoors.

It is pleasure and extremely rewarding to meet and work with students from all over the world!

Tanya Kirkland

Tanya Kirkland Cree, Counsellor for Indigenous Students


I have been a very grateful visitor on the territories of the Lkwungen and WSANEC people for the last 16 years. I am of Cree ancestry on my mother's side - she was from Canoe Lake Cree First Nation in Northern Saskatchewan. I am of English ancestry on my Father's side - he is from Vanderhoof, BC. I was born in Prince George and I spent most of my life there, leaving for 4 years to attend Langara College in Vancouver then returning to complete my BA in Anthropology at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). In 1998, after completing my degree, I was blessed with the birth of my daughter who is now 17. In 2016 I completed my MA in the Indigenous Communities Counselling Psychology Program at UVic. In addition to counselling, I also currently work as the Special Projects/Aboriginal Service Plan Coordinator with Eyēʔ Sqȃ’lewen: The Centre for Indigenous Education & Community Connections at Camosun College.

My own life experiences and challenges led me to pursue work in the human services as a way of giving back. As an Indigenous counsellor I work collaboratively with people from an Indigenous, person-centred, holistic, strengths-based perspective. For me this means that I place a great deal of value on the relationship - taking time to build and establish trust through the demonstration of respect, and creating safe, clear boundaries. I have a genuine interest in supporting all people and find it an honour to listen in a gentle, calm and compassionate manner, meeting each person where they are at. I understand that it can take time for people to feel comfortable sharing all of who they are. I see people not only as individuals but also understand their deep and sometimes complex connections to family, community, the land, systems, and institutions. My desire is to create space where people feel comfortable exploring the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of themselves as they navigate their world. Life can become very busy as students and even more so when we juggle other multiple responsibilities. I truly believe that we as human beings are all whole, naturally resourceful and creative and that sometimes we all benefit from being reminded of our gifts, strengths and resilience with the assistance of a counsellor.

Scott Kouri

Scott Kouri Counsellor


My name is Scott Kouri and I am a third generation Lebanese-English Canadian living on the unceded territories of the Lekwungen and SENĆOŦEN speaking peoples. For me, the connection between a person’s inner world, culture, and environment are important. Throughout my life I have found that these connections have helped guide my counselling work and my own personal growth. I have been working as a counsellor for 10 years and am also a PhD student at the University of Victoria. I teach at both UVic and Camosun and am passionate about canoeing and writing.

I believe that every person will have their own path to wellbeing and see my role as working with you on your own goals. Personal growth often times means facing our difficulties and learning from them. Sometimes this means overcoming obstacles through practical and goal oriented work, and sometimes this means sitting with our challenges and making sense of them in the broader unfolding of our lives. In most cases, growth, happiness, and a sense of freedom come with a more full engagement in our own lives and relationships.

First sessions usually focus on getting to know one another and addressing any immediate issues. I recognize that being a student can at times be very challenging and I can help you develop practical options for managing day to day life here at Camosun. We can work on a variety of issues including school success, anxiety and depression, life direction, identity and image, stress management, childhood and negative past experience, anger, substance use, relationships, gender and sexuality, and existential questions. I take a strength-based approach and see you as the person who knows best about your life.

Most of the counselling work I do is through talking about issues and finding ways to live an authentic life. I am open to working with dreams, art, imagination, mindfulness, and experiential activities. While the early stages of counselling generally focus on reducing negative symptoms and taking incremental steps towards your goals, eventually we can learn how our challenges can be turned into unique strengths.

Laura Paetkau portrait

Laura Paetkau, Counsellor

M.Ed., RCC

Hello, my name is Laura Paetkau. I have been a grateful visitor on the territories of the Lkwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples since 2007. I have a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of our surroundings and feel lucky to live, work, learn, and play in this amazing place. I have been a counsellor to Camosun students since 2008 and can genuinely say that I love my work and being a part of the Camosun community.

My journey to counseling was a rich and sometimes meandering one, so I understand the confusion and complexity many students face in making decisions about their educational and career path. A consistent theme in my work history is my love of working with people, particularly young adults, and my passion for creating healthy communities. Prior to moving here in 2007, I worked at the Vancouver Crisis Centre where I helped educate youth and adults about stress management, suicide prevention and effective communication.

I would describe my approach to working with students as relationship-centered, holistic and integrative. What this means is that I recognize the importance of building trust and having a good connection between myself and the students with whom I meet. By holistic I mean that I consider all aspects of the student’s life, including physical health, mental health and emotional well-being. I call my work integrative because I draw from a number of different modalities, including Satir, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Gestalt, and solution-focused therapy. I am also particularly interested in attachment theory and Interpersonal Neurobiology and regularly address the influence of family of origin within my practice. I believe that people are resilient and that the answers lie within, but that sometimes we need another person to walk alongside us when the journey gets tough.

I work with individuals and couples, and I sometimes lead relationship-focused groups for students. I have a Master of Education in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia and am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC.

John Scheunhage

John Scheunhage Counsellor


I have been a visitor on Coast Salish territory for the majority of my life. The past 6 years on Squamish territory, and now again on Lkwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories after a recent move back to Vancouver Island. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with experience in post-secondary settings and private practice with a wide range of men, women, couples, parents, and teen clients. My professional training and experience spans the past 10 years and includes a Masters in Counselling Psychology (specializing in Mind-Body Psychology) from School of Holistic Studies at John F. Kennedy University. I also pursued my passion for integrative counselling approaches by completing an additional two year professional training from the Psycho-Physical Therapy Institute, and am currently a trainer in training for the Comprehensive Resource Model (a neuroscience based trauma resolution model). On an ongoing basis I complete further training in a variety of topics to help you benefit from the most recent research in mental health, healing and human change processes.

Prior to joining the Camosun counselling team, I worked at Quest University Canada as Campus Counsellor supporting post-secondary students across a broad range of life issues. My counselling experience also includes private practice work in Oakland, Squamish and Victoria. Prior to my career change as a counsellor 11 year ago, I spent 8 years working in a variety of roles in the software industry. My personal passions are an interest in functional fitness (Crossfit), meditation and spiritual topics, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the beautiful land around us.

I focus on offering my clients a combination of traditional approaches to counselling combined with leading edge mind-body research on mindfulness, trauma resolution, attachment psychology, neuroscience and other integrative views on mental health and well-being I have a particular passion and expertise in helping clients resolve and heal trauma through grounded and safe neuroscience based methods (both incident based trauma, and more developmental or relational experiences). In my approach the mind, body, emotions and spirit/existential ideas are all welcome and important topics for counselling. Whatever brings you to the counselling offices, I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

As Chair of the Counselling Department, I can be a resource for you if you have questions or feedback about our service.

Anna Stein

Anna Stein International Student Counsellor

M.Ed., RCC

I was born on Musqueam territory and have spent a good portion of my life as a grateful visitor on the beautiful Lkwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories. I love the diversity of the lands around us, the rich colours of the forests and the mountains, the sea, the animal life and green growth everywhere!

I am an International Student Counsellor with Camosun College International. I have been with CCI since 2010 and previously worked at the University of Victoria for 7 years. I hold a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology and previously completed an Education Degree specializing in Drama and French. Since receiving my Masters, I have continued in depth training working with many forms of trauma.

International students face a variety of new responsibilities and challenges. These can include, but are not limited to: stress and anxiety; loneliness, homesickness and culture shock; academic pressures; low confidence and self-esteem; confusion; career exploration; challenges in communication; crisis; and relationship issues.

Counselling can provide support to deal with these challenges and discuss concerns in a friendly and culturally sensitive environment. I believe that effective counselling starts with building a safe and collaborative relationship that is based on respect and compassion. I draw on several approaches to counselling that include supporting clients to build on their resources and strengths, gain practical skills, develop self awareness and practice mindfulness. I believe in using a holistic approach that recognizes the powerful connection between the mind and body. My passion for counselling stems from a deep curiosity and strong respect for diversity and desire to collaborate with others in building health, wellness, and ultimately peace within our communities.

I greatly value the learning I have gained from my time living, studying and working in places as diverse as West Africa, Europe, Central America, and the United States. After experiencing living in several home stay families in other countries, I also have had the privilege of hosting over 25 international students in our home over the past ten years. These experiences help me to understand some of the issues international students face here in Canada.


Nancy Willihnganz Counsellor

M.Sc., R.Psych

I have been a settler on the Lkwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ lands since 1976. I have a deep respect for its beauty and sustainability I am an active steward for all that it provides. It has been my honour to work with Camosun students for more than 30 years now. I am a registered psychologist in BC with a M.Sc. in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary, and a BA (Hons) Psychology from Queens University. Most of my work at Camosun has been to provide direct service to students, but I have also held leadership roles in Counselling, Advising, Assessment, Financial Aide, Recreation, Student Employment and Student Development – virtually all of the services that support students to navigate their educational goals at Camosun.

Student development and the impact of college on student's well-being has been a sustaining interest during my career with post -secondary students.

It is difficult to be a student with the demands and pressures of learning and for some juggling family or employment responsibilities or both while for many living on a limited income. I frequently find myself working with the strong emotions that students experience – depression, anxiety, isolation, relationships as well as making transitions and changes or helping students making career decisions. I like to be involved with creating services or programs that are helpful and useful to students. I am interested in the impact that sleep and social media has on student's experience and most recently using horticulture therapy principles in counselling and therapy.

Although I use other theoretical models, my preferred counselling orientation is cognitive behavioural. I find this useful for students as it is adaptive to issues that students frequently experience, but also because it is collaborative, creative, as well as being learning and evidence based. Most importantly, it provides the opportunity to learn and change the obstacles that are limiting students from achieving their goals.

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Siobhan Bryce

Counselling Assistant

Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

Counselling Assistant

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