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Early Learning and Care

In their Own Words

Read some amazing stories from our students. Miranda was able to broaden her horizons. Beverley was motivated through this program to fulfill her dream of working as an Early Childhood educator. For Christine the best practices and teaching techniques gave her insight into the overall operations of day care facilities.

Miranda Tanner, 2013 graduate

Miranda Tanner

“Before I began my studies in the Early Learning and Care program, I was so anxious that this was the right program for me. Toni Hoyland, the team leader, consistently answered all my never-ending emails and questions patiently. I apologized to her just recently, on our last day at school for always sending her questions about the program and what I could expect. As soon I began my studies I knew that this program was right for me. The teachers strive to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where all are accepted and equal.

I thought I was going to complete the course without being overly challenged. I can take those words back now! I can confidently say that the teachers work hard to broaden our horizons of the ECE workforce and what we, as ECE’s can do to advocate for the rights of educators, children, wages and enrollment fees. There are several assignments I have used in my Career Portfolio that I am very proud of, including one assignment where we had to step outside of our comfort zone and approach strangers in hopes they would sign our petition advocating for the $10 a day plan for childcare centres. This is just one example proving how the teachers helped me become so passionate about this amazing field I am walking into.

I have such respect for my teachers for not only creating a wonderful learning environment, but for also advocating for us, their students, to find and express our passions and knowledge and to one day support other future ECE’s coming into the field.”

Miranda Tanner, April 2013

Beverley Wise, 2014 graduate

Beverly Wise

“Before joining this Early Learning and Care Program, I had been working in the food service and retail industry for almost fourteen years. I had some great experiences and developed many transferable skills through those experiences. However, I have always wanted to be in a career that dealt with children and families and here I am at this moment in time. My journey to becoming an early childhood professional has begun. This means that goals can really be accomplished if there is effort and the will to do them. Passion, acceptance, commitment, and perseverance is what helped me step by step towards my journey at Camosun College. If I can do it, so can anyone.”

Beverley Wise, April 2013

Christine Nixon, 2013 graduate

Since childhood I have been involved with young children, and have really liked being around their energy. When I was looking at further education I decided this program would be a good fit, as I knew I had a lot to learn if I wanted to open my own centre one day. The program has taught me not only how to care for little ones, but also what is really involved in operating a good quality child care centre, based on best practices. I now know where to get the right kind of information and resources to help families make the best choices for their needs. I feel that I never would have chosen a program like this unless I had the experience of working in a number of different fields, and realized that my skills are multifaceted. I would highly recommend this program as I feel the instructors were approachable, and are passionate about teaching and learning.”

Christine Nixon, April 2013

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