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It all adds up to a great education.

Math is everywhere.

Many academic pursuits, as well as the vast majority of careers, require math at some level. Whether you're measuring space, speed or social trends, math will factor in to the process. Look around at the rapidly changing technology that affects our daily lives: transportation, communication, health care – none of that would exist without math. If math is your passion, Camosun is a great choice for your first two years of university-level math. You'll be well-prepared for success when you transfer into the third year of a university program.

Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.

Dean Schlicter

Mathematics is the music of reason.

James Joseph Sylvester

University Transfer Math

If you're looking for first- and second-year university level mathematics and statistics, our School of Arts & Science has you covered. We can help you to pursue studies in the sciences or engineering, or specialize in mathematics or statistics. We also offer the courses you need to satisfy your program requirements.

Our classes are small and our instructors are passionate about what they teach. Need help? We offer free tutoring in our Math Labs and Help Centres as well as online resources to help you.

Math upgrading

Are you interested in upgrading your mathematics for a career in nursing, business or one of the technologies? If a course is required for any Camosun program, we offer its prerequisite. If you are a new student, we can help you choose the right math course, the one that best matches your goals and your current math skills. Find out about assessments.

If you have been away from math for a while, you likely will want to refresh your math before moving to a higher level. We offer Math courses up to the Grade 11 level through our School of Access and Grade 12 level math through our School of Arts & Science.

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