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School of Health and Human Services

Faculty & Staff Directory

Our staff and faculty have a wealth of knowledge to share with you! We are dedicated to quality education through classroom and experiential learning.

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School of Health & Human Services Administrative Staff

Name Title Email Telephone
Cynthia Smith Dean 250-370-4250
Lori Zehr Associate Dean 250-370-4285
Rachel Bernal Operations Assistant (HR) 250-370-4244
Linda Berge Secretary III (CFCS, AHT, Continuing Care) 250-370-4075
Jo-Ann Clar Secretary III (Nursing) 250-370-4073
Maggy Charles Operations Assistant 250-370-4243
Kerry-Ann Dompierre Simulation Education Coordinator 250-370-4246
Tersia Fagan Assistant to the Dean 250-370-4250
Karen Foxall Administrative Coordinator 250-370-4284
Carly Hall Centre for Health & Wellness Building Coordinator 250-370-4247
Brishen Holmes-Slattery Lab Supervisor 250-370-4769
Karen Hood-Deshon Program Assistant (Dental) 250-370-3176
Tamara Hynes Secretary I  250-370-4072
Debbie Kendz Secretary  250-370-4077
Faye Martin Indigenous Support Coordinator 250-370-4245
Evan Roberts Program Assistant (Nursing) 250-370-4074
Susan Rudiger On Leave (Practice Placement Assistant)    
Vacant Program Assistant (CFCS, AHT, Continuing Care)    

Allied Health & Technologies Department


Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant (CMLA)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SONO)
Medical Radiography (MRAD)

Name Title Email Telephone
Lynelle Yutani Chair/Instructor - Allied Health and Technologies 250-370-4768
Matthew Barbas Program Leader, Cardiac Ultrasound (SONO) 250-370-4763
Sarah Erdelyi Instructor - MRAD 250-370-4759
Hong Gerow Instructor - MRAD 250-370-4760
Stephanie LaForest Instructor - MRAD  
Linda Johnson Instructional Assistant - AHT  
Laura McCreight Instructor - MRAD 250-370-4756
Brent McMillen Instructor - MRAD 250-370-4757
Brent Mekelburg Instructor - MRAD 250-370-4758
Dustin Pendergast Program Leader, General Ultrasound (SONO) 250-370-4765
Alexandra Purdy Instructor - CMLA 250-370-4764
Jana Suraci Instructor - MRAD, CMLA, SONO 250-370-4755

Community, Family & Child Studies Department


Community, Family & Child Studies (CFCS)
Early Learning & Care (ELC)
Education Assistant and Community Support (EACS)
Interprofessional Mental Health & Addictions (IMHA)
Mental Health & Addictions (MHA)

Name Title Email Telephone
Jeanne Puritch Chair - Community, Family & Child Studies 250-370-4673
Danielle Alphonse Instructor - ELC  
Annette Annacchiarico Instructor - ELC  
Joan Astren Instructor - CFCS  
Monique Auger Instructor - HLTH  
Michelle Bass Program Leader-IMHA 250-370-4294
Jacquie Burden Practice Placement Coordinator (ELC) 250-370-4295
Mary Burgaretta Instructor - ELC  
Anastasia Butcher Instructor - ELC 250-370-4290
Miriam Curtis

Practice Placement Coordinator 250-370-4657
Danielle Davis

Instructor - ELC  
Enid Elliot Instructor - ELC 250-370-4289
Jessica Evans Instructor - CFCS  
Robin Fast Program Leader - CFCS 250-370-4658
Jessica Fee Instructor - ELC 250-370-4291
Leann Finlay Instructor - CFCS  
Artemis Fire Instructor - CFCS 250-370-4655
Graham Frost Instructor - HLTH  
Mary Harber Instructor - EACS 250-370-4656
Sheryl Haynes Instructor - HLTH 250-370-4296
Michelle Jaworsky Instructor - CFCS/MHA
Lindsay Lichty Instructor - ELC  
Ruth Lyall Instructor - HLTH  
Kirsten Mueller Instructor - CFCS  
Asha Rao Program Leader - EACS 250-370-4654
Kristin Ross Instructor - MHA 250-370-4292
Shelley Skwara Instructor - EACS  
Crista Shillington Practice Placement Coordinator 250-370-4295
Richard Spearman Instructor - HLTH  
Jody Watson Program Leader - MHA 250-370-4297
Eric Williams Instructor - MHA  

Continuing Care Department


Health Care Assistant (HCA)
Practical Nursing (PN)

Name Title Email Telephone
Ros Giles-Pereira Chair, Continuing Care 250-370-4767
Tona Andresen Instructional Assistant 250-370-4761
Tracy Atkinson Instructor 250-370-4752
Sarah Chisholm Instructor 250-370-4678
Amanda Crosbie-Claeys Instructor 250-370-4679
Heather Frame Instructor 250-370-4754
Vara Hagreen Program Leader - PN 250-370-4676
Carly Hall Instructor 250-370-4247
Dasha Herman Clinical Instructor 250-370-4753
Rowena Hill ELD Instructor  
Cathy Josephson Clinical Instructor 250-370-4677
Julia Liska Instructor 250-370-4753
Rosa Perez Lab Assistant 250-370-4762
Leanne Robb Program Leader - HCA 250-370-4751
Bethan Samaroo Instructor 250-370-3212
Mercedes Schmidt Instructor 250-370-4675
Laurie Sivertson Instructor  

Dental Department


Certified Dental Assistant (CDA)
Dental Hygiene (DHYG)
Name Teaching Office Email Telephone
Mandy Hayre Chair - Dental DB005 250-370-3190
Tika Brown Instructor - DH DB003 250-370-3911
Karen Hood-Deshon Program Assistant DB111 250-370-3176
Amber Chamut Instructor - DH DB003 250-370-3193
Erin DiBattista Instructor - DH DB107  
Donna Ferguson Instructor - DH DB004 250-370-3507
Kiran Kshatriya Dental Reception & Instructional Assistant DB102 250-370-3184
Lisa Mann Instructor - DH DB107  
Penny McGregor Clinic Supervisor DB113 250-370-3186
Shelly Melissa Program Leader and Instructor - CDA DB002 250-370-3228
Michelle Meunier Instructor - DH DB004 250-370-3507
Liz Morch Instructor - DH DB004 250-370-3215
SuAnn Ng Instructor - DH DB107 250-370-3176
Michelle Oakley Clinic Supervisor DB113 250-370-3186
Meagan Rumsby Instructional Assistant DB002  
TBD Lab Clerk DB113    
Margit Strobl Instructor - DH DB006 250-370-3255
Hsien Huey (Sam) Tan Instructor - DH DB107  
Melody Weimer Instructor - CDA DB006 250-370-3192
Sandra Woodrow Practicum Coordinator & Instructor - CDA DB002 250-370-3188
Leta Zaleski Program Leader and Instructor - DH DB003 250-370-3453

Nursing Department


Nursing (BSN)

Name Title Email Telephone
Dwayne Pettyjohn Chair, Nursing 250-370-4288
Tessa Wonsiak Associate Chair, Nursing 250-370-4261
Sue Abuleal Instructor 250-370-4258
Hannah Ashwood-Smith Instructor 250-370-4273
Shelley Berezon Instructor  250-370-4669
Lynda Champoux Instructor 250-370-4260
Kaitlin Ellis Instructor 250-370-4279
Teresa Evangelou Program Leader - Year 3 250-370-4271
Maria Fyfe Instructor 250-370-4278
Karine Godbout Instructor (on leave)    
Leah Godwin Instructor 250-370-4663
Selena Hebig Instructor 250-370-4281
Holly Heinz Instructor 250-370-4666
Shauna Huffman Instructor 250-370-4272
Robin Humble Practice Placement Coordinator/Instructor 250-370-4275
Glenys Jenkyns Instructor 250-370-4662
Shannon Keyser Instructor 250-370-4262
Sherry Lampard Instructor 250-370-4270
Bonnie Lindner (on leave) Instructor
Maureen Lindsay Instructor 250-370-4661
Paula Littlejohn Instructor 250-370-4266
Ellen Mahoney Instructor 250-370-4276
Joyce Malcolm Lab Assistant - Nursing  
Cheryl Marr Instructor 250-370-4660
Ann McIntosh Curriculum Coordinator 250-370-4267
Kirstin McLaughlin Program Leader – Year 2 250-370-4668
Melissa Paul (on leave) Instructor
Erika Paxman Instructor 250-370-4667
Heidi Petrak Instructor 250-370-4255
Marilyn Plummer Instructor 250-370-4659
Betty Poag Instructor 250-370-4263
Marlyce Rankin Lab Assistant - Nursing  
Pamela Rogers Instructor 250-370-4257
Ryan Russell Program Leader - Year One 250-370-4259
Laura Sacilotto Instructor 250-370-4283
Aziz Shaik Instructor 250-370-4280
Sean Sturgill Instructor 250-370-4671
Cici Tavares Instructor 250-370-4254
Andrea Turner Instructor 250-370-4664
Mary Willbond Instructor 250-370-4265
Stephanie Won Instructor 250-370-4665
Aileen Wood-Meszaros Instructor 250-370-4272
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