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First Nations students at Na'tsa'maht.

Indigenous Studies

Diploma in Indigenous Studies

Find your voice.

Developing leadership through an Indigenous worldview

As a student in the two-year Indigenous Studies (IST) diploma program, you'll develop the knowledge and skills to prepare you for your role as a leaders in your community.

You'll engage in cultural, academic, and applied learning experiences in applied, land-based, and classroom contexts. You'll learn to walk with dignity, taking care of and being responsible to your fellow students, and mentoring one another.

You'll develop strong academic writing skills, presentation skills, and oral tradition skills that enable you to communicate successfully with the world around you.

The teachings you'll receive will strengthen your connections between cultural knowledge and Indigenous environmental practices. You'll develop a sense of individual and collective responsibility towards the land.

You'll learn about connecting and giving back to community by taking on various contributory roles, including project leadership. Elders provide positive a influence by modelling and instilling values such as work ethic, timeliness, and a commitment to success in your studies.

By utilizing technology, you'll be able to share cultural and academic knowledge with your classmates, faculty, community, and others in the college.

Our instructors collaborate with community to ensure that what's taught in the classroom will prepare you for work in your community, or to continue with your post-secondary education in areas such as anthropology, education, Indigenous studies, law, political science, social work, and other academic disciplines.

Are you of Indigenous ancestry?

At least 70% of the seats in the Indigenous Studies program are reserved for Indigenous students.

Camosun College views any student who is a descendant of the Indigenous peoples of North America to be an Indigenous student. This includes status and non-status Indians, Métis, Inuit and Native Americans who reside in Canada.

Indigenous Studies

2-2.5 years
Study Options
Full-time or part-time
Lansdowne and in the community
Indigenous Education and Community Connections
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