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Indigenous Access Programs

Indigenous College Prep

Skills, knowledge and academic credentials

You'll take Grade 12 Indigenous Provincial English courses and math upgrading over two semesters. You'll also participate in Indigenous courses which examine wellness issues from Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives. Career Exploration and Learning Skills for Human Sciences will provide help and guidance for pursuing the education you need for a career you'll love.

Indigenous College Prep

Effective date: September 2018

Academic Term 1 (Fall)

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 9 See What it Costs
All of BEST 041 Career Exploration n/a $0
ENGL 091 Indigenous Prov English Composition & Literature 1 4 3 $0
IST 118 IST Circle & Elders' Teaching 1 1 $83.48
IST 171 Ways of Wellness–Learning 3 $288.45
LRNS 103 Learning Skills for Human Sciences 2 $120.90
MATH 026 Fundamental Mathematics 6 1, 2,3 n/a $0

Academic Term 2 (Winter)

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 10 See What it Costs
All of ENGL 093 Indigenous Prov English Composition & Literature 2 4 3 $0
HLTH 111 Indigenous Peoples' Health 3 $288.45
IST 119 IST Circle & Elders' Teaching 2 1 $83.48
IST 172 Ways of Wellness–Community 3 $288.45


  1. You may use MATH 052 or MATH 053 in lieu of MATH 026 toward program completion.
  2. Based on the mathematics assessment conducted for program admission, you may be required to take additional Fundamental Mathematics courses (one or more of MATH 021, 022, 023, 024, or 025) prior to enrolling in MATH 026.
  3. If students complete MATH 026 in the first term, they are encouraged to continue with the next level math course(s), MATH 052/053, throughout the second term at the same location.
  4. If you take ENGL 091 in Term 1, then you must take ENGL 093 as your second English course in Term 2. If you earned a letter grade of a C in any of the Camosun English 12 equivalents or alternates, you are not required to take ENGL 091 and 093.

Note Tuition costs for the current academic year listed above are for domestic students and do not include any additional fees. See the What it Costs page for details.

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