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Camosun Innovates

Camosun Innovates is a focal point for applied research, manufacturing, social innovation and sport innovation that enriches the interdisciplinary education of Camosun students, and benefits our clients and community. By providing access to a sophisticated suite of intellectual, technology and manufacturing assets, we drive innovation, create effective business solutions and spearhead beneficial social advancements.

Camosun Technology Access Centre (CTAC)

The Camosun Technology Access Centre (CTAC) is an applied research and innovation centre that provides dedicated access to specialized technology, equipment and expertise to local and regional companies.

CTAC works with companies to enhance their productivity and innovation, without competing with local small and medium-sized enterprises. Using rapid prototype systems like 3D printers to build custom prosthetics and water-jet cutters that can slice a precision cut through thick stainless steel, we help clients develop, test and refine products without prohibitive overhead costs.

There are 30 Technology Access Centres across Canada, providing services in various fields, and CTAC is the only such centre in BC.

Find out how the CTAC can help you develop your project.

Applied Research

Camosun College has emerged as a regional leader in applied research and innovation. Applied research is key to Camosun’s success in supporting local industry and it is already serving as a dynamic catalyst of innovation in the capital region.

Camosun Innovates uses cutting edge technology to allow faculty and students from different disciplines to turn their ideas into reality.

Learn how Camosun Innovates can help support your research.

Student Interaction

Camosun Innovates is committed to applied learning and empowers students in a way that makes education meaningful.

Working with Camosun Innovates gives students the real world skills and experience they need when they go out into the employment world, as well as providing unique opportunities for companies to gain access to new product ideas, new technology, and new employees.

It’s a win-win for Camosun and local industry.

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Camosun College Interurban
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