Jönköping University, Sweden

Jönköping University - Sweden

With over 350 exchange partners from all over the world, Jönköping University is one of Sweden’s top international exchange institutions. You will study in the School of Education and Communication where courses examine media, communications, international work, human resources, and education.




  • Jönköping, Sweden



  • Swedish and English


Fields of Study

  • Arts & Science
  • Business
  • Health and Human Services


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Sample of credit transfers

Jönköping Course NameCamosun Course Name
Communication Across CulturesCMNS 1XX Communication Studies 100-level
Conflict Transformation, International WorkPSC 2XX Political Science 200-level
Culture and Society in the English LanguageHIST 290 Special Topics in History
Digital Film ProductionCMNS 150 Introduction to Digital Media
Human Rights in International Development WorkHUM 2XX Humanities 200-level
Intercultural and International CommunicationMARK 2XX Marketing 200-level
Leadership in a Global EnvironmentBUS 214 Leadership Skills
Social Relationships, Conflict Management and Leadership for Teachers in Primary School Years (4-6)CFCS 2XX Community, Family and Child Studies 200-level
Sport Traditions in Swedish PerspectiveSPEX 2XX Sport and Exercise 200-level
Sustainability in a Multicultural WorldMARK 360 Sustainable Marketing
Swedish Language, Culture, and Society 1HUM 1XX Humanities 100-level
Swedish Language, Culture, and Society 2HUM 2XX Humanities 200-level