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Office of the Ombudsperson

Camosun's Ombudsperson is an impartial, independent service that works to ensure that students at the College are treated fairly. The Office is a safe place for students to voice and clarify concerns and complaints. The Ombudsperson advocates for fairness and helps you to achieve equitable resolutions.

What is an Ombudsperson?

Camosun's Office of the Ombudsperson supports students in resolving their issues and conflicts, and advocates for fairness and equity at Camosun. It's an unusual name, which basically means the Solutions Office'.

The Ombuds Office is: confidential, independent, impartial, informal and accessible.

How can the Ombudsperson help?

The Office of the Ombudsperson provides a safe, comfortable, confidential environment for students to discuss conflicts, complaints, or disputes. The Ombudsperson will listen first, and then help you develop strategies and options for resolving your concerns and provide you with guidance on College policies and procedures.

Roles of an Ombudsperson

  • Listen and then discuss College-related questions, concerns, and complaints
  • Help evaluate various options to address concerns
  • Explain policies and procedures
  • Advice on how to informally resolve problems, as well as formal and administrative options
  • Mediate disputes for "win-win" resolutions
  • Facilitate communication
  • Refer to other Camosun student services when appropriate
  • Investigate concerning trends and make recommendations to the College when appropriate

I’m easy to reach. Feel free to contact my office anytime with a college-related concern at: We can then meet in-person, online, or by phone.

You can always come to the Ombuds office, whether as a first stop, to seek information, or as a last resort in a sticky situation.

Rob Thompson, Ombudsperson

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Ombudsperson Annual Report 2021/22

Summarizing key activities for the Academic year 2021–2022.


Other services

Camosun offers a variety of other support services for students.

Contact information

Rob Thompson, Ombudsperson

Office of the Ombudsperson


If you have used the Ombudsperson service, could you please take 2 minutes to send brief feedback to the Office at

The Office of the Ombudsperson is jointly funded and advised by the Camosun College Student Society and Camosun College. This agreement allows the Office to remain independent. Any complaint or compliment regarding the Ombudsperson can be directed to the Executive Director, Human Resources and the Camosun College Student Society.