Going with the Flow

Free menstrual products for every student.

Going with the Flow initiative logo of a red wave

The Going with the Flow menstrual equity initiative provides free menstrual products (pads and tampons) to students across Camosun College.

Please help yourself to menstrual products when you need them.


Find products on campus

Free menstrual products are available at the following campus locations. 

Lansdowne Campus

Library & Learning Commons (LLC)

  • 1st floor female washroom
  • 1st floor male washroom

Wilna Thomas Building (WT)

  • 2nd floor female washroom
  • 2nd floor male washroom
Map showing locations for free menstrual products on Lansdowne campus

Interurban Campus

Jack White Building (JW)

  • 1st floor all-gender washroom

Liz Ashton Campus Centre (LACC)

  • 1st floor gym, female changeroom
  • 1st floor gym, male changeroom
  • 3rd floor all-gender washroom

Centre for Health & Wellness (CHW)

  • 1st floor female changeroom
  • 1st floor male changeroom
  • 4th floor all-gender washroom
Map showing locations for free menstrual products on Interurban campus

About Going with the Flow

Going with the Flow addresses the significant barriers the costs of menstrual products can have on students, many of whom are challenged with difficult decisions such as choosing between purchasing textbooks, food, or menstrual products. 

Originating in 2019, the Library-led and Camosun Creativity and Innovation grant-funded pilot project provided free menstrual products at the Lansdowne Library. Supported by Camosun Student Affairs in 2022, the popular initiative now supplies menstrual products in five buildings across two campuses.

Project Aims

  • to reduce the financial burden on people who menstruate;
  • to decrease stigma surrounding menstruation;
  • to empower all menstruating people with a safe and supportive environment, so they can focus on their education rather than worrying about how to meet this basic health care need.

Project Outcomes

  • makes a positive and immediate impact on student experiences and student lives,
  • supports all aspects of student health – mental and physical,
  • addresses the financial impact gender inequity makes on education,
  • brings a social justice and environmental lens to the college’s facilities and the ways it conducts business.