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Academic Accommodations for Exams

Below are summary instructions for students and instructors about requesting and communicating academic accommodations and how exams that require academic accommodations will be reported and supported.

Step 1: Faculty Notification Letters


To access your academic accommodations, all students registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) need to request that their Faculty Notification Letters are released to their course instructors.

  • A Faculty Notification is a letter that confirms a student’s registration with CAL and lists their academic accommodations.

Students can request these letters through the Faculty Notification Release Request Form (Chrome users -- right click and "save link as" to download). Simply download the form, fill it in, save (or take a screenshot) and email it to calexams@camosun.ca. CAL will produce the letter and email it to the course instructors to who you request it to be sent.

  • If there is a course where there is no instructor currently identified, leave that section blank. CAL will check when the instructor is populated on myCamosun and then send the letter.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their Faculty Notification letter is provided to each of their course instructors at the start of each term, or the earliest possible date.
  • Students will be cc’d on the email to instructors which includes a copy of the letter. Please keep it for reference.


You will receive each student’s Faculty Notification Letters via email from CAL. This letter is sent at the request of the student and outlines a student’s academic accommodations.

  • If you have any questions regarding the academic accommodations listed, please contact the CAL Faculty Instructor listed on the letter.
  • If you require assistance in applying the academic accommodations to your course, please refer to the Implementing Academic Accommodations libguide.
  • Please note: CAL does not have access to your course materials or exam settings on D2L.

Step 2: Exams


CAL requests that all registered students book their exams where academic accommodations are needed through the CAL Exams Booking Form.

  • Be sure to select the correct campus the exam is taking place (Lansdowne, Interurban, or Online [at home]). If you are completing an online exam from home, please indicate if CAL invigilation is required in the comments.
  • Be sure to check off the boxes on the form for your approved accommodations that you require for each exam.
  • All exams booked will be reported to the course instructor, outlining the accommodations required.

Reminder Emails

  • If the exam is taking place on-campus, students will receive a reminder email with instructions regarding the place and time of the exam (sent 3 days before exam).
  • For online courses, students who require remote invigilation will receive a reminder email with instructions on how to connect with CAL for the duration of the exam (sent 3 days before exam).
  • Students writing remotely without invigilation through CAL will not receive a reminder email.

Exam booking deadlines

  • Trades Students (Foundation and Apprentice):
    3 business days before the exam
  • Semester Students:
    2 weeks before the exam
    • If students are unable to book within the deadline, please still book the exam. Students will receive an email if it isn’t possible to include the booking on the report to course instructors.
    • Students are asked to fill out the online booking form to the best of their ability.
    • Students are encouraged to book exams as early as possible.


Students are responsible for reporting which exams they require their academic accommodations for to CAL (through the online booking form) based on the deadlines outlined above.

  • This initiates the request for exam accommodations to be considered and provided.
  • It assists CAL to work with course instructors to identify and support the best methods of providing accommodations.

The Implementing Academic Accommodations libguide provides more information about exam accommodations.

    Exam reporting

    All exams that require academic accommodations will be reported to each instructor via email:

    • Trades Exams:
      Reported as soon as booked (see student deadlines)
    • Semester Exams:
      Reported between 10 to 12 days before the exam

    If there is any information or additional materials that CAL requires to assist with the exam, a reminder/confirmation email will be sent two (2) days before the exam.

    How will accommodated exams be written?

    Students who are participating in on-campus courses will write their exams in one of the CAL exam spaces and supervised by CAL staff. CAL exam spaces are open from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday, and as needed on Saturdays.

    • CAL staff will ensure that all of the supplied invigilation instructions will be followed (operating as if the student was being supervised in the classroom by the course instructor).
    • For exams being completed through D2L, course instructors will need to ensure that the accommodations are applied to the individual CAL student’s exam. CAL does not have access to apply extra time or enable TextReader.
    • Students can request an early start and have their accommodated time added before the class start time if they have back-to-back courses. Exams that are to take place for evening courses will start early so that they will end when the CAL exam spaces close at 9pm.
    • Exam incidents where misconduct is suspected will be reported to the course instructor as soon as possible by forwarding a report via email. It is up to the course instructor to decide if misconduct has occurred and take the necessary measures.

    Students who are participating in online classes will write their exams remotely (just like the rest of the class) with the addition of their academic accommodations as requested.

    • Course instructors will need to ensure that the accommodations are applied to the individual CAL student’s exam. CAL does not have access to apply extra time or enable TextReader.
    • If a student has complex accommodations, the exam might be invigilated remotely with a CAL invigilator through Microsoft Teams (reviewed on a case-by-case basis with CAL exam staff and course instructor).

    Notice for Trades students and instructors

    If the final exam is an ITA exam (red seal, level exam, etc.), it needs to be scheduled through the ITA with at least 30 days notice to receive accommodations. Please make sure to email calexams@camosun.ca for the correct ITA forms within the first week of the program start date.

    If students believe their accommodations are not being provided on a specific exam, they should:

    • On-campus exams: report this to the CAL Invigilator on duty who will communicate issues with the course instructor and/or CAL Advisors.
    • Online exams: report this to the course instructor and calexams@camosun.ca  BEFORE they begin the exam. CAL exam staff will try to assist wherever possible.

    How-to videos for using assistive technology for exams can be found on the CAL YouTube page:

    What do students have access to during a face-to-face exam with CAL?

    In cases where it is determined that an exam will be completed face-to-face with CAL, students will not only have access to their approved academic accommodations, they will also have access to:

    Supplied by CAL:

    • earplugs (individually packaged disposable, new)
    • noise reduction earmuffs
    • headphones (if accessing audio files, screen readers, dictation software, white noise/music)
    • anti-fatigue mats
    • scrap paper (marked as from CAL [unless otherwise directed by instructor])

    Supplied by student:

    • pens, pencils, highlighters (all checked for electronics [unless otherwise supplied by instructor])
    • portable magnifier (either electronic or overlay filter)
    • colour tinted glasses / colour tinted overlay gel
    • heating pad / lumbar support / etc.
    • water bottle/tea/coffee and snacks
    • blood sugar meter
    • calculator ONLY if the instructor has indicated that one is allowed (type/model will be checked if required)

    Students are not allowed access to cell phones, personal headphones/ear buds, watches, and pencil cases during an exam.

    Hats and/or other bulky clothing will be visually checked for prohibited materials.

    cell phones, ear buds, ball caps, watches, pencil cases and certain calculators are not allowed in the exam room
    an instructor looks over a students shoulder giving feedback on an assignment

    "Don't worry about how you're going to write an exam or how to handle different situations, because the Centre for Accessible Learning is there to help you."

    Sebastian, Camosun student