Schedule Your Courses

Step two in the registration process is to plan your timetable and schedule your courses in myCamosun.

Step 2: How to schedule your courses in myCamosun

Step by step instructions on how to plan your timetable and schedule your courses in myCamosun.

2. Schedule your courses

2.1 Go to Plan & Register and click My Plan

Create your course schedule in myCamosun.

Plan and Register

2.2 Review your planned courses

Make sure all courses are in the correct terms. You can make changes by adding a term, dragging and dropping the course bubbles or adding additional courses such as electives.

Important: Moving a course to a different term does not guarantee it will be offered in that term. Refer to the academic calendar for course offering details.

Plan and Register 2.2

2.3 Click on the term you want to schedule

Plan and Register 2.2

2.4 View your planned courses

In My Schedule, your planned courses will appear listed in a sidebar on the left. Click on View/Schedule Sections to expand a list of course sections. Notice the course sections populate in the calendar view to the right. Hover over each section individually in the sidebar to highlight the corresponding section in the calendar. If there are several sections offered, toggle through the page arrows at the top of the list to see all sections.

View your planned courses

Tip: Click the Filter Sections button, to narrow the section display by: availability, campus, day of the week, time of day, or instructor.

View your planned courses filtering

2.5 Add a section

Click on a course section, in either the sidebar or the calendar to schedule it. In the Section Details popup box, click Add Section. Notice the course section displays yellow in the calendar after being scheduled and a confirmation popup displays in the right-hand corner of the screen. Continue scheduling sections for the remainder of your planned courses.

Tip: Schedule the courses that have the fewest sections offered first.

Add a section


Students may not register in classes that overlap or create time conflicts. If you add a section to your schedule that conflicts with the day and time of another section, a warning message will display in the sidebar and the courses will display red in the calendar. Click the "X" of the course you want to remove in the calendar to resolve the conflict and choose a different section. To avoid delays at registration, students should consult the current term Academic Schedule and register in courses as soon as possible.

Add a section Troubleshooting

My Schedule checklist

  • Check that you have the requisites for your scheduled courses. If you have been granted a requisite waiver, it will display in My Permissions
  • Use the location filter to double-check what campus your courses are scheduled at.
  • Check if the section already has a waitlist. Waitlisted courses display with a yellow triangle in the calendar and "This section has a waitlist" in the sidebar.
  • Familiarize yourself with course section definitions. Some sections are restricted to specific programs that you may not be eligible to register for.
  • Check if the section is reserved. Some sections are reserved for specific programs until a specific date. After this date, it will open for general registration.
  • Consider an alternative section in case your preferred section is full when your registration period begins.

Step 3 - register

now that you have finished planning it's time to register for your classes.