Trade and Apprenticeship Programs

Vancouver Island's largest provider of trade training

For more than 40 years Camosun College has been considered one of B.C.'s best schools for trades training. 

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Two paths to Trades

Trades Foundation

Apprenticeship Programs

Foundation or pre-employment programs provide entry-level technical training and the skills needed for specific trades and can make it easier to find an employer to sponsor your apprenticeship training.

An apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training and classroom learning that leads to a trade credential - or certification. If you're ready to start an apprenticeship, you'll need to find a job with an employer who will sponsor and train you. You can get your required technical training at Camosun. 

Once you complete the designated work based training hours and levels of Technical Training, you are eligible to write the Red Seal Exam to become Certified.

Foundation program schedules

Camosun accepts applications to apprenticeship technical training programs year-round.

See the individual program pages for apprenticeship training schedules. 

How to apply

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How to apply

Register for Apprenticeship training

      Automotive/Motor Vehicle Trades

      Foundation ProgramsApprenticeship Programs
      • Automotive Service Technician Foundation
        Certificate - 30 weeks
        Provides entry into the automotive mechanical repair trade, and provides possible accreditation toward Year 1 Apprenticeship training.
      • Heavy Mechanical Trades
        Certificate - 10 months
        These tradespeople are in constant demand to keep essential heavy duty vehicles in top running order for the booming construction, transportation, mining and forestry industries.

      Motor Vehicle Trades Apprenticeships

      • Automotive Service Technician
        Red Seal - 7 weeks
      • Diesel Engine Mechanic
        8 to 10 weeks
      • Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
        Red Seal - 4 to 10 weeks
      • Transport Trailer Technician
        Red Seal - 4 or 10 weeks
      • Truck and Transport
        Red Seal - 4 to 10 weeks

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      Architectural/Woodworking/Carpentry Trades

      Foundation ProgramsApprenticeship Program

      Carpentry Foundation
      Certificate - 25 weeks

      We'll teach you the skills and knowledge necessary to get started as a carpenter and build a solid future for yourself and your community.

      Fine Furniture/Joinery Foundation
      Certificate - 10 months

      This program combines traditional woodworking and joinery skills with creativity and design providing the foundation you need to start a career as a cabinetmaker or design and build your own custom pieces.

      Carpentry Apprenticship

      Red Seal - Seven weeks per level

      There are four levels of training to complete your Red Red Seal Certification.

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      Culinary Arts / Professional Cook

      Foundation ProgramsApprenticeship Programs

      Professional Cook (Level 1 & 2)
      Certificate - 28/14 weeks

      Learn the fundamentals of food preparation in all aspects of a modern industrial kitchen.

      Culinary Arts Apprenticeship

      • Professional Cook 1 & 2
        BC Certificate of Qualification - 6 weeks each
      • Professional Cook 3
        Red Seal - 6 weeks

      E-PPRENTICE option
      Need more flexibility? The E-PPRENTICE Cook program provides the option for& online delivery of the Technical Training portion of your apprenticeship.

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      Electrical Trades

      Foundation ProgramsApprenticeship Programs

      Electrical Foundation
      Certificate - 24 weeks

      You’ll learn to install, maintain, design and upgrade a wide variety of electrical systems including commercial and residential wiring systems, heating, lighting and power distribution systems, electrical equipment and alternate energy generating equipment, alarm and data systems, and industrial systems.

      Construction Electrician
      Red Seal - 10 weeks per level

      Requires four levels to gain a Red Seal Certification. 

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      Foundation ProgramApprenticeship Program

      Horticulture Technician
      Certificate - 10 months

      Prepare for employment in the horticulture industry in areas including landscaping, landscape maintenance, parks, golf courses, retail garden outlets, greenhouses, silviculture, wholesale nurseries and plant propagation.


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      Plumbing & Pipe Trades

      Foundation ProgramsApprenticeship Programs

      Plumbing & Pipe Trades Foundation
      Certificate - 30 weeks

      Prepare for entry level employment and apprenticeships in plumbing, gasfitting, sprinklerfitting and steam/pipefitting.

      Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic Foundation
      Certificate - 30 weeks

      Focuses on the first-year competencies that are common to all of the piping trades including common core, occupational core and refrigeration and air conditioning specialty modules.

      Pipe Trades Apprenticeships

      • Domestic/Commercial Gasfitter
        BC Certificate of Qualification - 10 weeks
      • Plumber
        Red Seal - 6 to 8 weeks
      • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic
        Red Seal - 6 to 10 weeks
      • Sprinkler Fitter
        Red Seal - 8 weeks
      • Steam/Pipefitter
        Red Seal - 6 to 8 weeks

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      Metal/Welding Trades

      If you have completed the Foundation program or have Welder Level C certification and want to advance your career with further training, learn more here.

      Welder Modular A, B and Welder Upgrading /Testing is available.

      Foundation ProgramsApprenticeship programs

      Sheet Metal & Metal Fabrication Foundation
      Certificate - 30 weeks

      Opens doors to apprenticeships and careers in construction, shipbuilding and manufacturing.

      Welder Foundation
      Certificate - 28 weeks

      Conforming to industrial standards, practices and procedures, this competency-based program provides you with the skills you'll need to prosper in today's job market.

      Metal and Welding Apprenticeships

      • Metal Fabricator
        Red Seal - 6 or 7 weeks
      • Sheet Metal Worker
        Red Seal - 8 weeks
      • Welder
        Red Seal - 8 or 10 weeks

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      Carpentry student at work

      Trades initiatives

      Programs and funding to help Indigenous people and women get started with a career in the trades.