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Nurse Educator

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Alex & Jo Campbell Centre for Health and Wellness

CHW 312-74


Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing (BSN)

School of Health and Human Services

It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with students in the Camosun College Nursing Program since 2005. I truly enjoy and value students and their learning, even on the worst of days, students and patients give me energy and joy. Human beings fascinate me; our minds, bodies and spirits. As a nurse and teacher, it is my honor to be able to work with people of all ages and stages, to be of service and to support each person by “meeting them where they are at”.

One of the things that has kept me at Camosun, besides being able to avoid nightshifts (ha ha), is the satisfaction of seeing a cohort through from start to finish. Starting with first year students in assessment lab, all the way through to third year where they are integrating tough conversations, complex decision making and critical questioning into their practice. Being part of this growth is so much fun J

My area of expertise is Pediatric Nursing, and I have a special affinity for mental health nursing as well. I have worked in Pediatric Mental Health over the years, and I am constantly on the look out for newest research and developments. It may be my Pediatric “nature”, but I believe Play is essential for each and every one of us not only as we develop as children but through every age and stage of our lives.