Denise Iacobucci

Faculty/staff profile

Instructor, Psychology




Fisher Building

F 106E


Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology

School of Arts and Science

My career as a teaching professor embodies a love of life-long learning. My academic interests are focused around national and international experiences. The courses I teach provide opportunities to learn more about psychological research, gender and career, adult transitions and learning, interpersonal communication, criminal behaviour and academic international work. I completed a Bachelor of Arts and Science from Queen’s University, then a Diploma in Guidance Studies from the University of British Columbia, followed by a Masters of Science in Counselling Psychology and finally a Doctorate in Human Development and Learning at the University of Calgary.

Teaching Courses

  • PSYC 110 Experimental Psychology
  • PSYC 130 Contemporary Issues
  • PSYC 252 Criminal and Deviant Behaviour
  • PSYC 257 Intercultural Communication
  • PSYC 258 Gender and Psychology
  • PSYC 272 Adult Development and Aging