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Instructor, Criminal Justice

Eva Silden




Y 200


Criminal Justice Program

School of Arts and Science

Eva is a faculty member of the Criminal Justice Program at Camosun College.  Eva has spent over 25 years studying and working in the field of justice.  She is a passionate educator, feminist researcher and avid cyclist.

Eva completed her PhD at the University of Victoria in the Education Psychology and Leadership Studies Department in 2023.

As an undergraduate student studying Criminology and Psychology at Simon Fraser University, Eva began volunteering at the Burnaby Correctional Center for Women.  This experience sparked Eva’s curiosity about gender in the justice system.

During her time at Simon Fraser University, Eva provided research to the Attorney General’s office on policy topics such as male victims of domestic violence, and intimate partner violence in LGBTQ+ relationships. In 2004, Eva completed her Master’s degree in Criminology at Simon Fraser University with a thesis focused on the elevated needs of offenders with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Eva has worked as a community parole officer in Vancouver specializing in relapse prevention therapy with sexual offenders.

In 2008, Eva began teaching at Camosun College. She served as the Chair of the Criminal Justice Program (2014-2017). Eva’s areas of research and teaching interests include criminological theory, mental health and trauma, corrections and correctional practice, gender in the justice system and the role of women working in the justice system.

Eva has served as the Chair of the Human Resources Committee on the Greater Victoria Police Victim Services Board as well as the Co Vice-President of the John Howard Society Board of Directors.