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Archaeological Field Assistant, Certificate

If you are interested in archaeology in BC or if you are an Indigenous member working with heritage in your communities, this intensive program will teach you respectful applied skills.

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84 hours over four weeks

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Handling history with care

British Columbia's rich history can be traced back 12,000 years through oral tradition and archaeological sites. Over 90% of the archaeology work done in British Columbia is completed by contract archaeologists in compliance with provincial heritage legislation. 

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Digging for human stories

In the Archaeology Field Assistant program you will learn a diverse set of skills, such as the use of appropriate technology to identify and efficiently record archaeological features and sites, use respectful practices, and follow Indigenous cultural protocols. You'll also be introduced to provincial heritage legislation and Indigenous perspectives of archaeology.

This program will prepare individuals for employment in the Cultural Resource Management industry as archaeological field assistants or for work in other resource inventory jobs, and is meant to complement other credentials such as a Bachelor of Arts.

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Program outline

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Program outline

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The program consists of one comprehensive course:

  • ARCH 190 - Archaeological Field Assistant Credits: 3

The Archaeological Field Assistant program is offered every spring, in a combination of evening and full day classes for a total of 84 hours of instruction. You'll learn through hands on labs and lectures, and also hear from local experts such as consultant archaeologists and Indigenous elders. You'll get outside for multiple field trips as well as participate in a local applied field project.

Field components of this program are physically demanding. You should be physically fit, be able to perform routine archaeological duties and be prepared to work outdoors in all weather conditions. Appropriate footwear and rain gear is necessary, and you will need to purchase a basic toolkit specified by the instructor. Full participation every day of the program is a requirement.

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Effective from September 1, 2022, to August 31, 2023

Archaeological Field Assistant Certificate

$657* (domestic)

*Figure is approximate. 

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Nicole Kilburn

Nicole Kilburn

Program Leader, Archaeology Field Assistant

While I teach various elements of anthropology, I am first and foremost an archaeologist. I am really interested in the political and econom ...

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Archaeological Field Assistant students

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For more details, including courses, please see the program outline in the Academic Calendar. 

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