Zhen's interests draw him to Civil Engineering

Coming from Malaysia, Kwan Zhen Lee heard about the Civil Engineering Technology program from his education advisor.

Kwan Zhen Lee - With wooden house model

“I was told courses at Camosun are more hands-on to let students experience the subject, which I personally prefer,” says Zhen. “Camosun also provides continuation programs that will allow me to further my studies at university.” When he first arrived in Victoria, he struggled with learning English. “Back in Malaysia, I usually speak Mandarin. Moving to an English-speaking country, it was quite difficult to communicate, the pace of speaking was quite challenging for me to follow,” says Zhen. He overcame this by living with a homestay family, taking English upgrading courses at Camosun, and just talking with his friends and instructors in the program. 

Drawn to civil engineering through a love of math, nature and working outdoors, Zhen also sees an opportunity to work in other countries. He likes the idea of being part of a bigger picture. “I appreciate all the big and small construction projects being built and I wish to be a part of the action,” says Zhen.

I would like to think that communities and the world are a better place because of my work as a civil engineer.

Kwan Zhen Lee

Zhen talks about his time at Camosun

Kwan Zhen Lee - Trades student

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