Oliva pursues her passion of working with kids

Olivia Van Bruggen's love for working with kids drew her to the Education Assistant and Community Support (EACS) program.

Olivia Van Bruggen - Student walking down stairs - Community Support and Education Assistant program

“I have always loved working with kids,” says Olivia. That love is what initially drew Olivia to the Education Assistant and Community Support (EACS) program. “As adults we forget about being a kid and the optimism that they have. They’re incredible to learn from.”

I have always loved working with kids

Olivia started her journey by upgrading her high school English at Camosun, thinking she would go into a university teaching program, but she had a hard time bringing herself to apply. “It was mostly a mental block, looking at the program and seeing 4 years attached to it seemed like a very long time. I didn't want to make that commitment,” says Olivia. “That’s what made the EACS program so appealing. It’s only one year and it’s a great way to get my foot in the door.” The EACS program has also had a significant impact on her. “It’s taught me to be myself and given me the confidence and tools to trust myself in practice and the confidence to educate people in the community on the rights and inclusion needs of people with disabilities,” says Olivia. In the end, it’s about the kids. “Some of my childhood experiences at school weren't that great. I’d love to be the person preventing those types of negative experiences for other kids.”

Olivia talks about her five favourite things at Camosun

Olivia Van Bruggen - Student studying - Community Support and Education Assistant program

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