Hillary discovers her path through dual credit

Hillary Carr was doing well in High School. Really well. She was already ahead in high school and was looking for a challenge.

Hillary Carr in classroom

“I heard about Dual Credit through the courses I was taking and I also knew about it from friends that were doing it through their high schools,” says Hillary. At first, she found the first semester at Camosun demanding and struggled with time management. “I felt very overwhelmed and wanted to excel and spend a lot of time on all my assignments but I didn't have time to study for things as much as I'd like,” says Hillary. “Once I got into the swing of things it was a lot easier. And, I still played high school basketball and graduated with my class. ” Even with the increased responsibility and demands on her time, she still sees the experience as a very positive one. “I have met some amazing friends who have the same interests as me,” says Hillary. “I feel very accomplished and proud of myself.”

I feel very accomplished and proud of myself.

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