Megan Warrender - Kinesiology Bachelor Degree

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Megan Warrender with computer

Megan Warrender had already graduated from the Legal Office Assistant program at Camosun in 2018 but when Camosun announced the Kinesiology Bachelor Degree program in September of 2022, it coincided with Megan becoming more curious about human movement and how bodies operate. “I wanted a career in recreation, health, exercise and sport,” says Megan. “The Kinesiology program tied in those interests very nicely.” 

I never thought of myself as a strong student until I started at Camosun.

Camosun, especially the Kinesiology program, has opened possibilities Megan never even knew were possible. “I never thought of myself as a strong student until I started at Camosun,” says Megan. “Here I am now, a tutor for a few subjects, getting good grades with the ability to apply the knowledge I’ve received.” Asked what it is about Camosun that sets it apart, Megan praised the teaching staff. “It's inspiring to see how passionate about certain topics instructors get. I find students thrive when instructors are passionate about the topics.” This paired with the smaller class sizes has been a winning combination. “I've experienced a large university class size and it makes a huge difference,” says Megan. “I love Camosun because it feels like a community.”  

Kinesiology students practicing exercises outdoors at the PISE athletic facility.

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