Applied Learning Supports for Instructors

Considering how to best incorporate the principles of applied learning in your own coursework? We're here to help.

Supports for instructors

Need some guidance?

Connect with Applied Learning Coordinator for help with:

  • generating ideas
  • understanding the model
  • finding community and on-campus partners
  • assessing the impact on learners/learning.
  • aligning the activity with Learning Outcomes.
  • connecting with an instructor similar in teaching style
  • applying for research grants
  • finding creative solutions on how to move an idea forward
  • promoting an event
  • organizing off-campus activities and steps involved (legalities; forms; permissions etc.)

Did you know Applied Learning activities can be small and simple?

Learning is at the centre

Applied Learning is “brains on”; designed to get students thinking. Sometimes it is “hands-on” but that’s not required. Currency and relevance are required AND there are myriad ways to address this across disciplines and in interdisciplinary pursuits.

Think of a time when you learned the most

Is there a way to bring whatever that experience was to your course?

Play to your strengths!

It is best to start small and build on a strong foundation. Some suggestions:

  • Sign up for the Applied Learning workshop through the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)
  • Listen to the podcasts of faculty engaged in applied learning at Camosun for some ideas
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Share your applied learning experiences

This site is an evolving resource. If you have any applied learning experiences that would be interesting for other faculty and staff to learn about, please share.

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