TELŦIN TŦE WILNEW (TTW) is an award winning, blended delivery course which provides insight into an Indigenous world view; describes the impact of colonization and how it affects students attending the college today; and guides participants in the development of new teaching and learning methods.


The sessions occur over a period of 6 weeks. You should expect to commit approximately 4 hours per week to complete the course.

Registration is open for spring 2022 sessions

This spring term we are offering three sections to choose from: one with in-person meetings at the Lansdowne campus, one with synchronous online meetings using Microsoft Teams and one that is both online and in-person at Interurban. All sections use Desire2Learn (D2L), to access resources, discussions, and homework activities.

In-person: Wednesdays at Lansdowne campus - Register here
May 11, 11am-2pm - Orientation and Unit 1 (this session is 3 hours)
May 25, 11am-1pm - Unit 2
June 8, 11am-1pm - Unit 3
June 22, 11am-1pm - Unit 4

Virtual: Wednesdays on Microsoft Teams - Register here
May 11, 9am-12pm - Orientation and Unit 1 (this session is 3 hours)
May 25, 9-11am - Unit 2
June 8, 9-11am - Unit 3
June 22, 9-11am - Unit 4

Hybrid: Thursdays at Interurban campus/Microsoft Teams - Register here
May 12, 1-4pm - Orientation and Unit 1 (this session is 3 hours)
May 26, 2-4pm - Unit 2
June 9, 2-4pm - Unit 3
June 23, 2-4pm - Unit 4


Contact Ruth Lyall at lyallr@camosun.ca or Natasha Parrish at parrishn@camosun.ca