Current Policy Initiatives

Camosun strives to provide clear, transparent, and easily accessible policies that exemplify the college's commitment to life-changing learning.

Policy feedback

A vital element of this commitment is opening up draft policies for review by the College community prior to final approval to ensure that we've heard from everyone. Draft policies and directives open for feedback will typically be posted for a minimum of 2 weeks and will be announced in CamNews.

Draft policies/directives and survey links will be posted below when they are open for College-wide feedback.

We are currently seeking feedback from the College community for the following two policies; Asset Naming and Protected Disclosure until September 22nd.

Asset Naming

G-2.6 Asset Naming Policy DRAFT

G-2.6.1 Supporting Document - Asset Naming Standards and Procedures DRAFT

G-2.6.2 Supporting Document - Naming Review Advisory Terms of Reference DRAFT

Click Here to submit feedback on Asset Naming

Protected Disclosure

G-2.7 Protected Disclosure Policy DRAFT

G-2.7.1 Supporting Document - Protected Disclosure Procedures DRAFT

G-2.7.2 Supporting Document - Protected Disclosure Form DRAFT

Click Here to submit feedback on Protected Disclosure

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Strategic Plan

Camosun's 2023-2028 Strategic Plan consists of six priority areas.

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