Faculty/staff profile




My grandparents came to this Island over 100 years ago as Chinese settlers and were part of old Chinatown – a bit like the exhibit in the Royal BC museum downtown! I’m grateful to the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ people for allowing four generations of my family to live, work and play on their beautiful territories. Learning the history of these territories shapes my relationship to the land and my own family history.

Things I love most about counselling are being able to talk about what really matters to you and the magic of taking a hard situation and turning it into an opportunity for growth. Social justice is important to me, as is working holistically to understand the many interrelated factors affecting your life – from physical health to intergenerational trauma. My approach to counselling involves supporting you to find your own path based on your strengths and values. We are often wiser and more resourceful than we realize but sometimes we have to get out of our own way. This means listening to our bodies, our intuition, and inner wisdom.

I’m a geek who finds neuroplasticity fascinating and love that brain science is helping us understand how ancient practices like music, meditation, and plant medicines can be deeply therapeutic. My happy place involves making something with my hands while listening to a great podcast really late at night.