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Whitehorse - Nursing Field School

Interested in a rural nursing practice experience surrounded by a vast untouched wilderness? Come experience nursing practice in Canada's Great North!

Whitehorse Field School - TBA

The Whitehorse Field School offers first and second-year nursing students a unique opportunity to discover person-centred care in a complex care facility, acute care in a community hospital, outpost and community nursing visits, and teaching on Indigenous health and healing practices.

Information on the 2019 Whitehorse Field School will be made available in the Fall 2018 term.

Nursing students join an info session

All information sessions will take place in the Fisher Building at Lansdowne campus

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Whitehorse, Yukon Territory



Courses offered

NURS 190 Consolidated Practice Experience 1

NURS 290 Consolidated Practice Experience 2


CPE1 Copper Ridge Place & CPE2 Whitehorse General Hospital


TBD ($600 Deposit)

Cost excludes

Tuition, accommodation, transportation, food, free time activities and daily living expenses.


Facilitated through the Nursing Department (optional)

Deadline to apply



TBA. Please contact the Camosun Nursing office for further information at 250.370.3246

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