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Instructor, Anthropology

Katie Waterhouse




Young Building

Y 207

BSc, MSc, PhD Forensic Anthropology

School of Arts and Science

I graduated from the University of Alberta with a PhD in Forensic Anthropology in 2013. Prior to my PhD I completed a MSc in Forensic Archaeological Sciences at University College London and a BSc Hons in Human Systems Physiology at the University of St Andrews. I am a biological anthropologist with specific interest and training in forensic anthropology. My Masters and PhD research was in the forensic arena focusing on the impact of fire on bone and how that affects our forensic interpretation and analysis of the bone material. I hope to continue this research here at Camosun. 

In teaching my anthropology courses I hope to engage students and highlight to them the positive, enriching and fascinating aspects of anthropology and how anthropology has relevance for everyone. Having lived in many places I have a unique background and bank of personal experiences to draw on in the classroom and use as first hand examples of cross-cultural living. 

Teaching Courses

ANTH 104 Introduction to Anthropology 

ANTH 250 Forensic Anthropology

ANTH 260 Human Evolution and Diversity 


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