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Instructor, Environmental Technology

Steve Gormican




F 340A

BSc, MSc

Environmental Technology

School of Arts and Science

I obtained my MSc from the University of British Columbia in 1989. I then spent 25 years in the environmental consulting world where I conducted environmental impact assessments, shellfish surveys and oceanographic circulation studies. During this time I travelled extensively along the BC coast, lead a multidisciplinary investigation team in Yukon and spent time in the Middle East doing field work.

I joined the Environmental Technology Program in 2004, where I taught field sampling techniques for a Spring semester. That got me hooked on teaching and I eventually became a full-time faculty member with teaching responsibilities that included courses on Aquatics, Biodiversity of Invertebrates, Waste Management & Remediation as well as many field skills modules. I served as Program Chair for 7.5 years and am now enjoying a part-time post-retirement teaching assignment. I feel that it is a privilege to be able to pass my knowledge on to the next generation of environmental technologists and scientists.