Alisha and Richard,  Indigenous Education students participating in a smudging

Alisha - Indigenous Studies

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"Deciding to go to college was not an easy choice for me," says Alisha Parks, who is of Mohawk, Irish and Danish ancestry. "I’ve always encountered issues surrounding accessibility in the past." Now a student in the Indigenous Studies program, Alisha has overcome some of the challenges by working with Camosun’s Centre for Accessible Learning, while being supported by the college’s Indigenous advisors, instructors, local Elders, and her classmates. “Being open about my disability has really been rewarding in that I am encouraged to speak out and self advocate. This in turn helps inspire me to do research, advocate for others and push for systemic changes." Alisha started her journey at Camosun by taking upgrading courses, which gave her a smooth transition into the Indigenous Studies program. "It’s one of the best programs I’ve come across. This is a program where you can explore who you are and your location in this journey."

It’s where you’ll find your own unique voice.

Read about Alisha’s project, ‘Heartberry methodology: decolonizing how Camosun supports disability’

Student Alisha Parks wearing an Indigenous shawl stand next to her Heartberry painting

Alisha standing next to her Heartberry painting

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