Scheduled Breaks

International students who are registered, eligible, continuing at Camosun College in an academic degree, diploma, or certificate program can take a "scheduled break" during the summer semester (May 1-August 31) if they meet certain criteria.

Eligible students

Students must meet all of the criteria to be eligible.

  • Students with a valid study permit, and
  • Students who have been studying full time at Camosun College, and
  • Students in academic programs at least 6 months in duration which lead to a degree, diploma or Certificate, and
  • Students whose academic credential has yet to be conferred by Camosun College, and
  • Students who will resume full-time academic studies in the following term at Camosun College, unless it will be your last term.

Note If you are unsure of your eligibility, please go to the International Student Service Centre to inquire.

Non-eligible students

  • Students without a valid Study Permit
  • Students whose program of study is shorter than 6 months in duration; or
  • Students registered in up-grading or access programing (ESL), or
  • Students who have studied Part-time, unless it was during the scheduled break, or
  • Students in Continuing Education programs, or
  • Students taking the Camosun English Learning Adventures Course (CELA), or
  • Students in contract training programs, or
  • Students on Exchange, or
  • Students who have terminated their enrolment at Camosun College, or
  • Students who are enrolled in programs without scheduled breaks

If a program of study does not provide for a regularly scheduled break and a student creates their own break in a program, it is considered a leave from studies. Students who take a leave from their studies are not eligible to work on or off campus during a leave.