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21 Jun  2021

Paddling together

Camosun Innovates Co-operative Education and Careers Indigenous

Camosun’s new Indigenous canoe promotes reconciliation, unique educational opportunities

23 May  2021

FINtastic research from Camosun Innovates

Camosun Innovates

Partnering with Cetacea Contracting Ltd., Camosun Innovates is assisting institutions around the world to recreate the zoological past using 3D scanning and printing to manufacture exact replicas of missing bone fragments.

19 May  2019

Manufacturing Canada’s first sim(PLY) DIY housing model

Camosun Innovates

Fuelled by the pioneering sim(PLY) technology designed by Clemson University, Camosun Innovates is manufacturing a proof-of-concept housing structure —the first step in an international post-secondary and community partnership.