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ESL Assessments

Is English an additional language for you? An ESL / ELD assessment provides a snapshot of your current English as a second language skill to determine what level of ESL programming would be the best fit for you.

Make an appointment for the ESL placement test

*International Applicants Contact international_admissions@camosun.ca to book a test that is right for you.

If English is an Additional Language for you, there are two options:

If you are in the Victoria area:

  • We suggest the free face-to-face Canadian Language Benchmarks 
  • Placement Test (CLBPT). 
  • Applicants for Health Care Assistant Programs (HCA and HCA-ESL) require this test
  • Contact eldregistration@camosun.ca

If you are not in Victoria:

  • We suggest the Duolingo English Test (DET). 
    • Finish in 1 hour and get results within a week. Practice tests available. 
    • Be sure to fully complete the speaking and writing tasks at the end of the DET. 
    • In some cases, a Camosun Assessor may request an additional online meeting to determine your speaking and writing ability.
    • The total cost is $49 USD.

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