Faculty/staff profile

Instructor, Biology

Annette Dehalt




Fisher Building

F 252B

BSc Marine Biology, BEd, MSc Oceanography

Associate of Science Degree in Biology, Environmental Technology

School of Arts and Science

I am a marine zoologist with a background in whale and krill ecology. Integrated with earlier work in eco-tourism, environmental consulting and public education, I have pursued my main career in post-secondary education at various institutions.

I have been teaching at Camosun College since 2003, affiliated with both the Biology Department and the Environmental Technology Program. In addition to teaching different introductory biology courses and field modules, I also had the opportunity to develop and teach courses in Vertebrate Diversity and Marine Biology, and participate in Camosun’s Indigenization of the Curriculum initiative. My special interest lies in the understanding and protection of both Animal Diversity and Animal Welfare.