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Transportation and Parking

Active Transportation costs less, is better for the environment and is better for you! Camosun is committed to reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles driven to the college, and providing our community with opportunities to choose alternatives.

Camosun Express Shuttle

Not currently in service

While most of the Camosun community is learning and working from home, there may be instances where intercampus travel is necessary. Fortunately, BC transit has two bus routes that can serve this intercampus need (Route #8 and Route #9 .)



Camosun students enjoy a Universal Bus Pass (or U-Pass)—included in student fees, incorporated into your student ID.


As a Camosun employee, you are eligible for a year-long ProPass bus pass at a reduced yearly cost. 


Whether a bike is your primary mode of transportation to Camosun or you are a novice rider, we want to help make cycling a convenient, safe and efficient option for you to get to Camosun.


Whether carpooling with another student or staff member or using the electric vehicle charging on campus, you can drive to campus in a more sustainable manner!


Parking rates and services are in effect Monday to Saturday, 7 am – 10 pm. Staff and short-term lots are available for general use after 5 pm with the purchase of a parking permit. There is no overnight parking.

Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis.