The Operations policies govern college systems and resources, college development, facilities, finance, human resources and information management.

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O-1 College Systems & Resources

O-1.1 Acceptable Technology Use

To ensure that use of the college's network and computing systems is conducted in a manner that supports the mission, vision and values of the college, and ensures that the computing systems and network achieve optimal performance in a safe and secure learning environment.

O-1.2 Systems and Networks Administration

To establish guidelines for managing college-owned and operated computer networks and services provided on college-owned and operated networks. 

O-1.5 Electronic Communication with Students

To establish principles, criteria, and guidelines for communicating with students electronically. 

O-1.6 Web Management

To manage and guide activities associated with the website and to determine its strategic direction, standards of quality, management controls, and conditions for use. 

O-2 College Development

O-2.1 College-wide Risk Management

To establish a coordinated approach to risk management and ultimately to establish a risk management culture at Camosun College.

Supporting documents

O-2.2 Project Management Framework

To establish a common means for planning key college projects ensuring those undertaking projects have the tools to identify and analyze risks, impacts, resources and approaches to project planning, approval, communication and implementation. 

O-3 Facilities

O-3.1 Environmental Management

All individuals share the responsibility for protecting the environment. The purpose of this policy is to guide the college's decision-making with respect to this responsibility. 

O-3.2 Use of College Facilities and Grounds

To establish consistent principles and guidelines under which Camosun College will use its own facilities and will make its facilities available to non-college users. 

O-3.3 College Closures

To establish consistent and clear principles and guidelines for the handling of necessary college closures. 

O-3.4 Serving and Selling Food and Alcohol Safely on Campus

To outline appropriate processes and responsibilities to ensure both food and alcohol are being served safely and legally on campus and for Camosun College sanctioned activities off site. 

O-3.5 Commercial Activity

To provide a framework and guide to decision making with respect to providing commercial access to the Camosun community. 

O-3.6 Occupational Health and Safety

To guide decision making with regards to the College's responsibilities for Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace. 

O-4 Finance

O-4.1 Financial Responsibility and Accountability

To establish a clear financial accountability framework for the college, enabling the Board, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), management team and staff to understand their responsibility and accountability related to the financial management of the college. 

O-4.2 Purchasing

To establish a clear purchasing accountability framework for the college enabling the procurement of goods and services as approved through the annual operating and capital budgets. 

O-4.3 Travel

To establish authority and criteria for pre-approval of travel requests; to establish and define the limits and the conditions related to travel; to guide the selection of the most cost effective means of travel; and to identify allowable expenses for travel.

Supporting documents

O-4.4 Hospitality Expenditures

To facilitate reasonable hospitality expenditures that support the college's activities and adhere to its Mission and Values while maintaining financial responsibility and accountability. 

O-4.5 Investment

To establish a clear investment accountability framework for the college enabling the investment of funds to be made in the most effective and efficient manner. 

O-5 Human Resources

O-5.1 Employee Exchange

To establish consistent guidelines that facilitate exchange opportunities involving Camosun College employees. 

O-5.2 Professional Fee Reimbursement

Guidelines for reimbursing the costs of professional fees.

Supporting documents

O-5.3 Vacation Scheduling

To guide the approval of vacation scheduling for all college employees; to ensure employees take their entitled vacation; and to limit the liability to the College for accrued vacation. 

O-5.6 Faculty Accessibility

To establish principles related to faculty accessibility. 

O-5.7 Employee Workload in Excess of Full Time

To establish consistent policy and practice regarding employment in multiple positions within the college which, when combined, constitute a workload in excess of 100%. 

O-5.8 Job Sharing

To allow two permanent full-time staff to enter into a formal employment partnership which produces a temporary, more flexible working arrangement that facilitates balancing work with other commitments. 

O-5.9 Unpaid Leaves of Absence

To establish college-wide principles and practices for unpaid leaves of absence.

Supporting documents

O-5.10 Respectful Workplace

Camosun College is committed to: ensuring that all individuals are treated with dignity and respect, free from discrimination, harassment and bullying and are supported in managing workplace differences; and providing an environment that respects and promotes human rights and personal dignity.

Supporting documents

O-5.11 Standards of Conduct

To set out the principles and standards of conduct required of all employees of Camosun College and to guide employees in identifying and resolving issues of ethical conduct and conflict of interest that may arise during the course of their employment. 

O-5.12 Smoking, Vaping, and Tobacco Products

To reduce exposure to second and third-hand smoke and to promote a safe and healthy college environment. 

O-5.13 Total Compensation Philosophy

The college's compensation program is intended to assist in recruiting, motivating and retaining a qualified management and exempt group, by providing tangible rewards to enable the college to attain its corporate goals and objectives. 

O-5.14 Employee Performance Development

The Employee Performance Development Policy articulates Camosun College's commitment to a performance planning, review, and development process that is grounded in good practice, sound principles and reflects the College's strategic direction. 

O-5.15 Recruitment and Selection Policy

The Recruitment and Selection Policy provides a foundation for hiring based on good practice, sound principles and reflects the College's strategic direction. 

O-6 Information Management

O-6.1 Protection of Privacy

To establish principles and guidelines that enable the college to comply with the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. 

O-6.2 Record Management

To establish commonly understood and efficient practice for the retention and disposition of college records that ensures Camosun meets its legislative, financial and legal obligations as a public body to manage its records in a systematic and consistent manner.

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