The Governance policies cover Board governance, organizational goals and accountability and Education Council governance.

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G-1 Board Governance

G-1.1 Board Conduct By-law

Members of the Board must avoid any conflict of interest that might impair or impugn the independence, integrity or impartiality of their Board.

  • Oath of Office
    The Oath of Office is to be sworn, signed, and dated before the Board at the commencement of all members' first meeting with the Board. 

G-1.3 Board Decision Making

Clarify the role and responsibilities of the Board of Governors in policy governance and decision making at Camosun College. 

G-1.5 Finance Committee Terms of Reference

The Board Finance Committee is responsible for monitoring significant financial planning, managing and reporting matters of the college, and making recommendations to the Board of Governors for adoption. 

G-1.7 Board Executive Committee Terms of Reference

The Executive Committee is to deal with matters relating to the Board's role as an employer, with student appeals, and with emergency situations.

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G-1.8 Board Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Guidelines and processes for requesting and reimbursing out-of-pocket expenses for Board members. 

G-1.9 Audit Committee Terms of Reference

The Board Audit Committee is responsible for assisting the Board in fulfilling its financial accountability and oversight responsibilities. 

G-2 Organizational Goals and Accountability

G-2.1 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Establishes the principles, aspirations and commitments of Camosun College in the areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

G-2.2 Indigenization

Guides decision-making as the college community navigates policy development, planning, curriculum development and approvals as well hiring and the general commitment to the maintenance and support of relationships with Indigenous communities.

G-2.3 Corporate Relations

Guides decision-making with respect to the nature, scope and limitations of relationships the college will develop with the business and professional community. 

G-2.4 Land Use

As the college implements its Strategic Plan and Campus Plan, proposals will emerge which would require construction on, or would otherwise affect college property. 

G-2.5 Strategic Plan

Articulates Camosun College’s values and principles related to developing a strategic plan.

G-3 Education Council Governance

G-3.1 Education Council Bylaws

The objectives of the Education Council are to fulfill the roles and powers defined by Sections 23, 24, and 25, except as amended under Section 25 (1) (b) of the College and Institute Act.

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