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Stories of Sustainability

Sustainability is a shared responsibility at Camosun. True to our values: we all learn, we all serve, and we all lead. This series of short interviews and stories highlight individuals – be they staff, students or faculty – who contribute to sustainability and building a better tomorrow at Camosun College, and beyond.

Corrine Michel

Corrine Michel Indigenization Coordinator

Connections between a resilient environment, social health and cultural wellbeing have been a part of traditional indigenous ways of being for millennia. There is knowledge to be gleaned from the traditions and values of First Nations; this was made clear when we met with Camosun’s Indigenization Coordinator, Corrine Michel. Corrine works tirelessly to infuse Aboriginal knowledge and perspective into the structural layers of Camosun and is dedicated to continuous learning.

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Geoff Murray

Geoff Murray Instructor, Carpentry

Geoff Murray, an instructor within Camosun’s Carpentry department, inspires learners in multiple programs. Current best practices for environmental sustainability is one of the knowledge areas Geoff sees as important to include in curriculum and has been working on introducing as the Chair of the Carpentry Articulation Committee and lead Subject Matter Expert in the revision of the provincial Carpentry learning resources.

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Lisa Stekelenburg

Lisa Stekelenburg Manager of Child Care Services

You might be surprised to find out that Camosun’s youngest learners can be as young as three months old! That’s when they can begin their learning at Camosun’s Child Care Services while their parents attend classes or study. Lisa Stekelenburg, Manager of Child Care Services at Camosun, is passionate about developing these young learners into critical thinkers.

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Michelle Clement

Michelle Clement Chair and Instructor, Camosun Marketing Department

Michelle Clement, Chair and instructor of Marketing at Camosun understands that connecting and contributing to society provides not only invaluable experiences but also enhances the learning of her students. That’s why Michelle incorporates field trips into the curriculum and connects class projects with outside organizations. “When students work with the community they see that what they are learning applies and so do their ideas. It is very rewarding,” she explains.

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Ross Lyle

Ross Lyle Chair and Instructor, Camosun Mechanical Engineering Department

Sustainability requires a variety of skills and expertise to address its challenges. Thankfully Ross Lyle, Chair and instructor of Camosun’s Mechanical Engineering Department enjoys using his advanced engineering skills to create solutions to unusual problems and has been doing so at Camosun College since 1985.

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Mike Nunn

Steve Gormican Chair, Camosun Environmental Technology Program

Environmental Technology students at Camosun learn to develop innovative technologies and solutions to approach sustainability, and to benefit society and the environment. “Our program is very focused on environmental sustainability – we live it every day,” says Steve Gormican, Chair of the Environmental Technology Program. Steve strives to not only inspire sustainability throughout his programs but throughout his personal life as well. Noting his love of the outdoors and being on the water he says, “being surrounded with nature instills more of a commitment to preservation, more respect to the environment as a whole.”

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Anna Colangeli

Anna Colangeli Instructor, Environmental Technology and Biology

With almost 22 years with the college, six of them as ET chair, Anna has been at the forefront of integrating sustainability into teaching and learning – providing an outlet for students to use their creativity to solve real challenges in their community. Anna has blended her love for gardening, knowledge of composting and passion for student learning into an impressive career at Camosun College.

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Darren Vaux

Darren Vaux Pipe Trades Instructor, Solar Hot Water Expert & Green Trades Leader

Darren is passionate about solar hot water, rainwater management and  green trades and has been able  to collaborate throughout the college community, integrate sustainability into his teaching and provide an experience to his learners that will be valuable in our current climate.

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David Greig

David Greig Compost Guru & Employment Enabler

Wander up to the greenhouses at Interurban campus and you will likely meet David Greig. He offers visitors a warm handshake, and exudes a passion, enthusiasm and positivity for working with students and the earth. David blends his knowledge and expertise of horticulture, with a unique approach, empowering students for future employment. The result has been positive change on campus as well as providing a stepping stone for future life success of students.

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Lee Aitchison

Lee Aitchison School of Business Instructor

Sustainability is all about connecting the dots and breaking down silos. Instructor at Camosun's School of Business, Lee Aitchison is a driving force behind sustainability in the curriculum. As Lee is showing his students, the business world is not just reacting to sustainability; it is also a critical driver to it. Moving beyond "green" and the environment, Lee inspires others to think how we can give back to the community in a broad and integrated way.

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Mike Nunn

Mike Nunn Supervisor of Building Operations, collaborator and recycling champion

Mike Nunn has been working at Camosun for thirty-four years, supervising custodial services, waste and recycling in Facility Services. Whether it is toxic-free cleaning, improving composting, or finding ways to reduce paper towel waste, Mike and his team are some of the unsung heroes behind changes to make Camosun a "greener" campus.

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