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Shifting to a more sustainable future

What environmental, social, cultural and economic issues do you think are the biggest priority? What are the most important actions we should be undertaking? How can our sustainability actions improve your experiences as a student or employee at Camosun? Please share your thoughts and help us contribute to positive change.

What is sustainability?

A simple dictionary definition of sustainability is the “capacity to endure.” It strives to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This requires a broader view beyond recycling and “being green.” A holistic definition of sustainability includes environmental, economic, socio-cultural considerations like human and ecological health, diversity, social justice, and the consumption of resources.

Sustainability asks us to:

  • Consider the long term: strive to ensure we do not take or use more resources than what we need; and leave a healthy earth and resilient communities for future generations.
  • Connect people and ideas: fostering relationships, respect, and a deeper understanding of differences, problems, and solutions that lead to a better future.

Our role as learners & teachers

Camosun is its people — students, faculty and staff — and one of our biggest strengths is the relationships that we cultivate and keep. We understand our shared responsibility to ensure our actions benefit the environment, the life it supports and future generations.

As leaders and educators, we have an opportunity to be forward-looking, to catalyze innovation, to equip our students and employees for the future and to empower them to be contributors beyond themselves.

At Camosun we are all learners, teachers and leaders. We want to advance sustainability at Camosun and beyond, and we want to lead by example.

Reducing our footprint

Camosun has two campuses and 38 buildings with 800,000 square feet of work/study space spread over 120 acres. We have 85,000 light bulbs, 2,400 rooms, 12,000 students, 1,000 staff and faculty, two child care centres, various Garry Oaks, Camas, countless deer and ducks. Camosun is like a small city, so the sustainability approach we take in all operations has a great reach. Wherever possible, we place students and their learning experience at the heart of our environmental efforts.

Learn more about what Camosun is doing to create a more sustainable campus.

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