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Get Involved - Sustainability Courses at Camosun

Incorporated in Camosun’s STARS submission was an inventory of academic offerings. The inventory identifies “sustainability courses” and “courses that include sustainability.” Such a list assists in bringing awareness to these course offerings and helps current and prospective students organize their academic studies. Additionally, such an inventory provides an important foundation for advancing sustainability integration in curriculum at Camosun.

To produce a comprehensive list of sustainability courses, the Office of Sustainability reviewed a list of offered courses from the 2013-2014 academic year and conducted a preliminary analysis of which courses were about or included sustainability by reviewing their formal course descriptions.

These courses were categorized by department and then sent out to the Chairs of each department for review. The Chairs reviewed the course lists to assert the courses listed were either related to sustainability or not. The Chairs also added courses that were not already on the list. Specific professors were contacted, when necessary, and asked to provide an indication of how courses were related to sustainability if it was not obvious from the formal course description.

Sustainability Courses

Sustainability courses are courses in which the primary and explicit focus is on sustainability and/or on understanding or solving one or more major sustainability challenge (e.g. the course contributes toward achieving principles outlined in the Earth Charter).

Course Course Name School
BUS 261 Business and Sustainability  Business
CIVL 280 Global Issues in Environmental Engineering Trades & Technology
ELEX 121 Renewable Energy Systems (Electronics) Trades & Technology
ENVR 103 Environmental Microbiology Arts & Science
ENVR 107 Environmental Geography Arts & Science
ENVR 110 Environmental Seminar 1 Arts & Science
ENVR 204 Environmental Field Trips Arts & Science
ENVR 206A Environmental Horticulture Arts & Science
ENVR 208A Sustainability Research Project Design Arts & Science
ENVR 208B Sustainability Research Project Arts & Science
ENVR 209 Waste Management Remediation Arts & Science
ENVR 222 Urban & Regional Environments Arts & Science
ENVR 240 Environmental GIS Applications Arts & Science
GEOG 100 Environment and Sustainability Arts & Science
MARK 360 Sustainable Marketing Business
PHIL 204 Ethics: Animals to Ecosystems Arts & Science
TMGT 361 Sustaining Tourism Performance Business

Courses that Include Sustainability

A course that includes sustainability is primarily focused on a topic other than sustainability, but incorporates a unit or module on sustainability or a sustainability challenge, includes one or more sustainability-focused activities, or integrates sustainability issues throughout the course.

Course Course Name School
ACCT 220 Management Cost Accounting 1 Business
ANTH 204 Anthropology of Food Arts & Science
BIOL 102 Non-Majors Biology (Diversity) Arts & Science
BIOL 105 Introduction to Marine Biology Arts & Science
BIOL 228 Ecology Arts & Science
BUS 150 Introduction to Management  Business
BUS 220 Organizational Behaviour  Business
BUS 280 Entrepreneurship Business
BUS 450 International Management  Business
CFCS 110 Foundations for Practice Health & Human Services
CFCS 141 Service Learning Health & Human Services
CFCS 160 Family and Community 1 Health & Human Services
CFCS 210 Diversity across the lifespan Health & Human Services
CFCS 250 Social Justice Today Health & Human Services
CHEM 253  Environmental Chemistry Arts & Science
CIVL 255 Urban Services 1 Trades & Technology
CIVL 153 Surveying 3 Trades & Technology
CIVL 162 Soils 1 Trades & Technology
CIVL 268 Construction Materials  Trades & Technology
CIVL 276 Hydrology Trades & Technology
CIVL 282 Water Treatment Trades & Technology
CIVL 283 Sewage Treatment Trades & Technology
CIVL 293 Structural Design 1 Trades & Technology
CIVL 297 Structural Design 2 Trades & Technology
CIVL 298 Structural Design Project Trades & Technology
COMP 158E Computing for Environment Trades & Technology
ECON 103  Principles of Microeconomics Business
ELEX 290 Applied Research Project Trades & Technology
ENVR 200 Safety in the Environment Arts & Science
ENVR 203 Aquatic Monitoring Techniques Arts & Science
ENVR 206B Environmental Biotechnology Arts & Science
ENVR 207 Applied Geomorphology Arts & Science
ENVR 210 Aquatic Environments Arts & Science
ENVR 218 Environmental Field Camp Arts & Science
ENVR 242 Vertebrate Diversity & Ecology Arts & Science
ENVR 244 Invertebrate Diversity/Ecology Arts & Science
ENVR 246 Plant Diversity & Ecology Arts & Science
ETP 033 Food Production Gardening Access
GBST 100 Global Studies 1 Arts & Science
GEOG 102 Human Geography Arts & Science
GEOG 103 Globalization and World Religions Arts & Science
GEOG 220 Natural Resources Systems Arts & Science
GEOG 232 Cultural Geography Arts & Science
GEOG 236 Geography of Cities Arts & Science
GEOG 240  Globalization of Asia Arts & Science
GEOG 250 Latin America and the Caribbean Arts & Science
GEOG 260 Geographies of Development Arts & Science
GEOG 272 Weather and Climate Arts & Science
GEOG 274 Biogeography Arts & Science
GEOG 276 Geomorphology Arts & Science
GEOS 100 Physical Geology Arts & Science
GEOS 110 Earth and Ocean Atmospheric Systems Arts & Science
GEOS 240 Sedimentary Geology Arts & Science
GEOS 250 Introduction to Mineralogy Arts & Science
HLTH 110 Health in Today's World Health & Human Services
HLTH 111 Indigenous Community Health Health & Human Services
HORT 108 Pests and Pesticide Application Trades & Technology
HORT 134 Organic Vegetable Production Trades & Technology
IBL 260 Current Indigenous Business Topics Business/
MECH 262 Thermodynamics 2 Trades & Technology
MECH 275 Environmental Engineering Trades & Technology
MECH 299 Engineering and Society  Trades & Technology
SOC 120 Social Systems and The Environment Arts & Science
SOC 211 Introduction to Africa Arts & Science
SOSC 203 Service Learning and Global Issues Arts & Science
  Electrical Apprenticeship - Year 2 Trades & Technology
  Electrical Apprenticeship - Year 4 Part 1 Trades & Technology
  Electrical Apprenticeship - Year 4 Part 2 Trades & Technology
  Electrical Apprenticeship - Year 4 Part 3 Trades & Technology
  Electrical Foundations Trades & Technology
  Professional Cook Level 1 Trades & Technology
  Professional Cook Level 3 Trades & Technology

If you have questions regarding the course inventory, or would like to make an addition to the list, please email Shannon Craig.

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