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Afternoon Hatha

The practice of Asana (posture) with the guidance of the breath brings deep awareness of Self. In this class we will practice the postures with attention to proper alignment and safe joint positioning. We use breath to bring awareness and self observation to your yogic being.

  • Instructor: Tersia Fagan
  • Date: Sept 27-Nov 29
  • Day: Thurs, 4:40-5:55pm        10 classes
  • Cost: Camosun Student: $72
  • Non Student: $78

Art Of Iyengar Yoga

Learn how to practice with precision and to adjust yourself in the yoga postures to suit your individual needs. Develop the delicate balance between strength and flexibility, alertness and relaxation, knowledge and wisdom. Yoga is for all of us – beginners and returning students welcome.

  • Instructor: Britta Poisson
  • Date: Sept 24-Nov 27
  • Day: Tues, 4:40-6pm               10 classes
  • Cost: Camosun Student: $72
  • Non Student: $84 

Ashtanga Yoga

A vigorous and dynamic yoga practice consisting of a series of linked postures derived from traditional teachings of Ashtanga yoga. Build strength and stamina in this challenging yoga practice. Class is suitable for all levels.

  • Instructor: Amber Petersen
  • Date: Sept 24-Nov 26
  • Day: Mon, 5:30-6:30pm          8 classes
  • Cost: Camosun Student: $48
  • Non Student: $52

Gentle Hatha

Step out of your stressful day and back into your body.  This class offers the basic postures of yoga while providing the opportunity to move and release tension, reawaken the body and restore overall balance.

  • Instructor: Beth Miller
  • Date: Sept 28-Nov 30
  • Day: Fri, 12:30-1:20pm             10 classes
  • Cost: Camosun Student: $62
  • Non Student: $66

Hatha Flow

This class is designed for all levels. Classes start with a simple centering exercise, and then move through a series of warm-ups focusing on opening up all the joints of the body. The class will then transition into a flowing practice of breath and movement which will gradually soften and move to a series of longer held floor exercises and end with a relaxation posture.

  • Instructor: Clarissa Stuckenberg
  • Date: Sept 26-Nov 28
  • Day: Wed, 11:30am-12:20pm    10 classes
  • Cost: Camosun Student: $62
  • Non Student: $66

Kundalini Yoga

The practice of Kundalini Yoga will help you overcome stress and anxiety. The exercise sets engage the breath, improving your strength, flexibility and coordination. With regular practice you to be calm, centred, and energized.This beginning class includes deep relaxation and meditation. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

  • Instructor: John Ricker
  • Date: Sept 26-Nov 28
  • Day: Wed, 5:35-6:50pm               10 classes
  • Cost: Camosun Student: $70
  • Non Student: $80

Pilates/Yoga Fusion

This class is based on Pilates and Yoga principals designed to stretch and sculpt your body shape without adding bulk. The series of movements will change how your body looks and give you a new physical poise and greater mental strength.

  • Instructor: Justina Bailey’
  • Date: Sept 25-Nov 27
  • Day: Tues, 12:30am-1:20pm       10 classes
  • Cost: Camosun Student: $58
  • Non Student: $62

Power Yoga

Join Ashley in Power Yoga where we focus on increasing cardio, strength endurance and overall feeling of balance and well being. We will visit various breathing exercises (pranyama), seated, standing and balancing postures (asanas) and flow some together with breath. We will also visit the chakras energy centers throughout the practices.

  • Instructor:  Ashley Dowle
  • Date: Sept 27-Nov 29
  • Day: Thurs, 12:30-1:20pm      10 classes
  • Cost: Camosun Student: $62
  • Non Student: $66

Sunrise Yoga       

* Starts  Sept 17th

Tap into the energy of the rising sun and the stillness of a west coast morning, Start your day on the mat with breath, balance, strength and focus as you improve flexibility and cultivate greater connection in mind and body. Join Laura in the early mornings and emerge with a vibrant and calm energy as you move into your day. *This class is suitable for all levels.

  • Instructor:  Laura (Sunshine) Burki
  • Date: Sept 17-Nov 7
  • Day: Mon/Wed, 7-8am            15 classes  
  • Cost: Camosun Student: $95
  • Non Student: $105

Yoga Dance

Yoga dance is a vinyasa based yoga class which connects free style dance and flow style yoga. Incorporating the seven energy centres of the body “chakras” you will engage in meditation in motion. Result?  a joyous heart and a quiet mind. Class is suitable for everyone.

  • Instructor: Chantelle Shah-Poulin
  • Date: Sept 26-Nov 28
  • Day: Wed, 3:30-4:20pm          10 classes
  • Cost: Camosun Student: $62
  • Non Student: $66

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