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Camosun trainers can help you assess your fitness, plan a customized workout schedule and support your time in the gym.

Fitness Attendant Schedules

Lansdowne Campus effective September 5, 2017

Trainer Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Joel Swets 7-9am 7-9am 7-9am 7-9am 7-9am n/a n/a
Danny Harris 10am-8pm n/a 10am-8pm n/a 10-3pm n/a n/a
Jenna Howe n/a 10am-2pm
n/a 10am-2pm
3pm-7pm n/a n/a
Andrew Lai n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 11am-6pm n/a
Jared Sparrow n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a noon-5pm

Interurban Campus effective September 5, 2017

Trainer Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Brent Hall 6:45-10:30am 6:45-10:30am 6:45-10:30am 6:45-10:30am 6:45-10:30am Closed Closed
Alan Poole 10:30am-6pm 10:30am-6pm 10:30am-6pm 10:30am-6pm n/a
Justina Bailey n/a n/a n/a n/a 10:30am-5pm

Lansdowne Personal Trainers

Danny Harris

Danny Harris

Danny was born in Victoria BC, and has been in the fitness industry for five years helping people achieve their personal fitness goals. He is very passionate about helping people improve their health!

His education and professional background has provided him with extensive knowledge and experience. Danny is a certified personal trainer, has a degree in Recreation & Health, and has experience working as a fitness trainer for the Canadian Forces. In addition, Danny has trained at the Pacific Institute of Sports Excellence and has been a consultant to various television shows. Through these opportunities he has been able to excel in a broad range of fitness disciplines.

Danny believes first and foremost exercise should be safe. A close second is that exercise should bring results, and last but certainly not least; exercise should be fun... well... fun-ish. "The most common reasons for people to give up on exercising are injury, lack of results, and boring workouts."


  • Bachelor of Arts – Recreation & Health Education
  • CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer
  • The Canadian Forces – Certified Fitness, Sports, and Recreation Instructor
  • Standard First Aid – OFA 1 & CPR
Jenna Howe

Jenna Howe

Originally from Ontario, Jenna relocated to Victoria in 2011 and joined the Camosun Fitness & Recreation team shortly thereafter. After years of working with Police Foundations students and teaching a variety of fitness classes, Jenna's primary focus is physical rehabilitation and concussion therapy. Currently, you can find Jenna personal training and teaching fitness classes at Camosun and working in private practice providing chronic pain, concussion, and injury rehabilitation within the Greater Victoria area.


  • Bachelor of Arts - Psychology
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Management
  • NSCA - Certified Personal Trainer
  • Bowen Therapist
  • Neurokinetic Therapist
  • Yoga Therapist
  • Manual Osteopathic Practitioner student - class of 2017

Andrew Lai

Andrew was born and raised in Victoria, BC. He loved playing sports while growing up, and still enjoys a pick up game here and there. What got Andrew into personal training was his love for sport. He knew he had to start lifting weights to overcome injuries and to compete. As he progressed from different personal trainers and coaches, he decided to learn proper lifting himself. He graduated with a Diploma in Exercise & Wellness and is now certified by the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology as a Certified Personal Trainer. He specializes in building strength and fixing poor posture. He has worked with a wide range of individuals including wheelchair athletes, children, youth, elderly, and everything in between. He usually works Saturdays but you may seem him lifting weights and filling shifts throughout the week! If you have questions please ask him as he will always try to help or will refer you to the right place.


  • Diploma in Exercise & Wellness
  • Certified Personal Trainer: CSEP & Can Fit Pro
  • NCCP - Fundamental Movement Skills, Nutrition, Weightlifting Competition Introduction, Basketball Fundamentals Workshop
  • Diploma in Business Administration
Jared Sparrow

Jared Sparrow

Jared has been a personal trainer for six years and has been involved in athletics for the majority of his life. He is passionate about educating people and helping people attain their strength and conditioning goals. He has gained valuable experience in various facets of training including:

  • training for athletic performance
  • kettlebell training
  • powerlifting
  • assessing and correcting movement and posture
  • training for general health and fitness
  • foam rolling and myofascial release


  • Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy
  • Diploma in Exercise and Wellness
  • CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Canadian Red Cross First Responder
Joel Swets

Joel Swets

Joel has been professionally involved in fitness for over 12 years. Helping others achieve their fitness goals has motivated him into the exciting field of exercise and health. Joel is a YM-YWCA Certified Strength/Personal Trainer. He is also a health educational instructor and Third Age Group Fitness Leader.

Joel is a dedicated professional with a track record of exceeding goals and standards. He has exceptional interpersonal skills, and works well with diverse individuals. He offers a high level of dependability and enthusiasm, and brings health and fitness to new levels to those around him.


  • YM-YWCA/BCRPA Certified Strength Trainer
  • YM-YWCA/ Certified Personal Trainer
  • YM-YWCA/ Certified Spin Bike Instructor
  • Body Wise International Nutritional Mastery Program
  • Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C


Postural Assessment & Realignment, Pre/Post-Operative Rehabilitation for Hip, Knee, and Shoulder, Third Age Group Fitness, High Intensity Interval Training, Boot camp, Weight Loss & Strength Training Programs.

Interurban Personal Trainers

Justina Bailey

Justina Bailey

Justina is passionate about her students doing their movements correctly, which comes from her extensive Pilates training. In addition to personal training, medical practitioners also refer their clients to Justina to assist their chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation care. She is known for her Pilates, Yogalates, Barre, and Belly Dance fitness classes at Camosun College, Community Centres, and her own business, Studio Fitness Victoria. "Be Your Potential" is her philosophy. Although this career keeps Justina busy, life reminds her to find time to slow down. Find out more about her classes at

Brent Hall

Brent Hall

As a Certified Athletic Therapist and a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Brent is passionate about working with people who value their body and are willing to overcome their limitations and work toward a high level of performance. To him, performance means being able to do what you love and do it well.

In addition to working at Camosun College Brent works as an athletic therapist in a clinical setting, helping active people overcome injuries. He works with a variety of amateur sports programs in Victoria; among them are the Camosun College Men's Volleyball Team and the Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence national team development program. He has also worked with the Canadian Men's Volleyball Team, and the BC Lions Football Team.

Brent believes his greatest power is the ability to educate his clients. He endeavours to give each client a thorough understanding of how to achieve their goals and a plan to do so.

Alan Poole

Alan Poole

Alan has been a jock since learning to walk more than a half century ago. Over the years he's added running, cycling, hockey, weight training, and anything with a ball or that you could bet on to his repertoire of activities. He has a Master's Degree in Leadership and Training and a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education.

As well, Alan has a variety of certifications related to training, nutrition, and communication. Alan began his fitness and nutrition career 35 years ago and for the past 14 has been part of the Camosun team. He's particularly proud of his many years of work as strength and conditioning coach for the Chargers Athletics program and his time developing the Police Fit program to prepare Criminal Justice students for the physical demands of police work.  Nowadays, you can find Alan at the fitness centre on the Interurban Campus just waiting to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

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