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Fitness & Recreation

Health and Wellness Classes and Workshops

These in-depth classes and workshops are offered by Camosun Fitness and Recreation. All prices include tax.


These workshops will be offered on different days and times each week, starting in January. Check our website or Fitness Centre for session dates. Pre-registration is mandatory; call 250-370-3602 or visit the Recreation Office to register. Funds collected are directed to upkeep of Fitness Centre equipment.

Brain-Lifting New

A recent publication in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society demonstrated how resistance training twice a week improves cognitive function and mobility. This program offers a variety of resistance exercises to strengthen both body and brain. Apart from building confidence in participants, the classes will end with easy yoga-like stretches and relaxation in a social, friendly atmosphere.

2016W BrainLifting LA 001 • Mar 1 – Apr 28 (18 classes) • Rahman Saleem

  • Tuesday & Thursday • 9-9:50am
  • Movement Studio (Young 114) • Lansdowne
  • $90

Kettle Bell Basics

Interested in adding some kettle bell exercises to your workout?  These workshops will not only show you how to use kettle bells safely, but will also introduce you to the six fundamental kettle bell movements.

  • Workshop 1 – Front Squat and The Swing
  • Workshop 2 – The Get Up and Military Press
  • Workshop 3 – The Snatch and The Clean

Register by email or phone 250-370-3602

2016W KettleBell LA 001 • Jan 11–Apr 9 (TBD)

  • TBD • Lansdowne
  • $5 per class | Free for Camosun Students

Correcting Dysfunctional Movement Patterns

Have you found that your physical training or sports performance is being compromised by pain, or small or large injuries? This workshop will introduce you to the principles of movement and mobility methods to resolve pain and prevent injury, allowing you to achieve your training or sports goals.

Register by email or phone 250-370-3602

2016W Correct LA 001 • Jan 11–Apr 9 (TBD)

  • TBD • Lansdowne
  • $5 per class | Free for Camosun Students

Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift: The Basis of Strength

These workshops will focus on teaching you the proper technique for the three main lifts in weight training: squat, bench press, and deadlift. These lifts are often considered the basics for building strength but can be difficult to master, so come and learn how they should look and feel when performed correctly.

Register by email or phone 250-370-3602

2016W Strength LA 001 • Jan 11–Apr 9 (TBD)

  • TBD • Lansdowne
  • $5 per class | Free for Camosun Students

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