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New Year – New You?

Posted by Theresa Wanninger | Posted on March 28, 2019 | See all Stress Management posts | Latest Wellness Blog posts

The new year is still young, and we have the opportunity of making it what we want. Did you set yourself goals for the next twelve months? Are you ready to jump into new beginnings and take chances?

New Year Resolutions and goals make us excited about 2019 and all its unwritten stories and adventures. Nevertheless, thinking about having to make this year count, doing great things, and achieving your goals can put a lot of pressure on yourself. Around this time, I have days where I feel extremely anxious about my plans and my path for the new year. I overthink what I do, how I do things, why I do them and what to do next. It can be so stressful to live up to the stereotypical new years sentence: new year – new you. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for goal setting and personal growth, but I believe we should all be aware of our boundaries. It is so crucial to know how far you can go and please take a step back when feeling overwhelmed.

Just lately I had one of those days where I lost myself in sadness and uncertainty. If you read my blog posts you know I am a perfectionist and big planner, which means when life is uncertain, I get anxious. This year I will finish school and am not sure yet what to do after that. Having to make big decisions can feel heavy and tight, like an itchy sweater I want to take off. Being unsure of what I want to do and who I want to be professionally is an endless spiral sometimes, I just don’t know when to jump off and on which thing to land. This morning, on my way to a hot yoga class I realized: 2019 is the year I can create. This big decision doesn’t have to weigh me down, it can lift me up and let me create the life I want to live. Finishing school is a huge step and the end to a long chapter of life. It lets me define myself in a new way and go on a new quest of happiness and purpose. This search could take a long time and undoubtedly will take me on many more spirals. But now I will remember that uplifting feeling of freedom and curiosity on my way to yoga class – the power of creating something new.

So, whatever your 2019 will bring – you are the only person who can write this new chapter. You are the only person who can knit your sweater.  Make sure you knit one that fits, isn’t itchy, and feels like home. And if you feel lost on the way please think of a memory that made you feel alive and hold onto it while you feel overwhelmed. I am sure a new burst of energy is just around the corner.

Have you felt overwhelmed lately by the many midterms, commitments, and responsibilities life brings? How do you destress? Camosun offers great resources, individual, and group counseling sessions for students. Camosun counsellors can support you through whatever challenges you are facing and help you reach your personal and academic goals. Common concerns addressed through individual counseling include depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, relationship difficulties, grief and loss, cultural transition, self-esteem and identity, substance use/addiction, as well as motivation, procrastination and time management.

Camosun's Counselling Centre offers personal counselling services as well as support and wellness resources for all Camosun students.

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