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Posted by Taryn Emerson | Posted on March 23, 2018 | See all Fitness posts | Latest Wellness Blog posts

One of the most common questions I answer when I work behind the counter at the Rec Office is about the personal training we offer in the Fitness Centres! What is like? How does it work? Etc. While I love being able to answer everyone's questions, with the interest of time in mind I can't give a full look into what you really get with the help of one of our personal trainers!

I thought to myself, that's really too bad, some people might miss out because I can't get the information out to them in the couple minutes they have in between classes! I was literally working out when thinking about this, so maybe that's why it took me so long to realize we CREATED A BLOG FOR THIS EXACT REASON.

The very next day I signed up for a consult with Danny at Camosun Lansdowne! Let me back up though so I can share the full experience!

Step One (after deciding I wanted to sign up)

The first thing I recommend to everyone is to take a look at the bios of each of our personal trainers, each of them has extensive experience and specialize in different things! I selected Danny because of his experience, as well as his schedule works well with mine, as I am only here (at Lansdowne) a couple days a week. That brings us to…

Step Two

After choosing your preferred trainer, you'll want to pick up the "Personal Training Sign Up" binder and take a look at the times available! All of them are nicely colour coded and you'll notice some trainers only work certain days! Find a day and time that works for you, and then fill in your name, phone number and please circle "First Consult".

This ensures that your trainer knows that it will be a consultation and will be able to prepare accordingly!

Step Three

Show up to your consult! Please be on time, and an important note, you don't have to dress in gym clothes for this! You can if you wish, but it's not necessary! I did it in jeans, a sweater and Vans!

When you arrive for the consult, you will be asked to fill out a PAR-Q, which is a "Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire". Basically it asks if you have any reason in which you should not be engaging in vigorous physical activity! Then there is the "Client Health History Form" The health history form also asks questions about your goals, previous injuries, and current physical activity levels.

Coming full circle to what it was like for me, after I filled out the forms, Danny read over them and asked questions about certain answers. Things like the mobility of my ankles after injuring them both, and how physical activity effects me 5 months post-concussion! Of course those are super specific to me, but in general the trainers will ask you about certain aspects of your form – all of which stay completely confidential!

After asking about my previous injuries, I then demonstrated the flexibility (or lack there of) in my ankles, and we tested my balance! Just to see if and how it would affect any of the program Danny would be designing. I am happy to say I have "pretty good" balance!

After that we talked about my goals and what I would like coming out of this program! For me that included gaining muscle and experiencing a more advanced program. As someone who has been an athlete since I could walk, I am used to the conditioning and sport specific training that comes with it. But never have I really experience training just for the sake of my health. So that is something I am really looking forward to.

We then covered how many days a week, and for how long I could realistically train for. For me, that's two, possibly three times a week, considering I still play on a competitive soccer team.

Finally Danny did an assessment for other musculoskeletal factors that would impact a training program! I found out that my mobility in my right shoulder is less than that of my left, (I blame all those years as a shortstop) and that my shoulders round forward a little bit. So one of the things he will include are exercises in which to strengthen the muscles in which will pull my back up straighter and help fix my posture!

I also have an anterior pelvic tilt, meaning my pelvis tilts forward as well, which can be caused by tight hip flexors (yeah that's me) and a number of other things. Is this oversharing? Possibly, but I am putting these things out to the world to give you all an idea of how thorough the assessment is and how specialized it is to you!

I know it's really easy to google workout programs or find them on Instagram, but I would highly encourage you to utilize the personal trainers while you can!

Step Four

After scheduling my consult I also picked a date for the training session! That happened about two weeks later for me, just because my schedule was pretty tight!  It will be different for everyone, but about a week later seems to be the norm. Anywho, I came to my appointment just a couple minutes early, as I know Danny and other trainers can be busy right up until the start of a session. As they teach classes and have lots of other clients!

Danny showed me the program he had designed, and printed it out for me to keep! Then we moved into the movement studio so we could run through it! It wasn't a complete workout, it was more practicing each movement and he would correct me on any improper form until I was comfortable and confident doing it! Please no one ask me about kettle bell swings. They might truly be my most uncoordinated move. Beyond that though it was great to go through everything, because even though I have some experience working out, I don't know everything there is! I especially never know if my form is right.

After we finished the session, I was given my program as well as some good warm-up exercises! My plan is to try it out for a couple weeks and I know I can always make another session to change it! All in all, it was a great experience and I like having a formal plan for the gym. Plus I got some great tips and some new warm ups that I hadn't done before!

All in all, whether you're looking for guidance because you've never been to the gym, or you're a pro looking for a new program, that trainers are here to help! I highly encourage everyone to try it at least once, because I guarantee you'll learn something new!

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